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How Colleen Ballinger is Kicking Childhood Cancer One Birthday at a Time

Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings, a Youtuber, actress, and singer did something quite monumental on November 24th, and I think the world just needs to hear it! Colleen has been on Youtube for around ten years and has found her success in portraying a character known by Miranda Sings a comedic act where she is rude and untalented but has all the confidence in the world. Ballinger has had quite the past few years with writing and producing a Netflix series called Haters Back Off for two seasons, going on two bus tours, getting married, having a CHILD, being on Youtubes’ Escape the Night season four, and fulfilling her dream of being on Broadway in the production Waitress. Colleen has had quite the year and has gained a massive fanbase and following over the past few months.  

Being a longtime subscriber myself (“mirfanda”) something that I love and appreciate about Colleen is her devotion to working with kids since her fanbase is predominately younger. About four years ago, Colleen noticed a problem and was set out to change it. For her birthday that year, Colleen wanted her fans to donate money to childhood cancer campaigns and research groups, as her birthday gift, in order to end something so devastating and cruel. As a reward for donating or showing support, she gives out prizes ranging from her merch to iPhones, and even tickets to Ellen. Colleen wanted to prove the internet is not just a selfish and hateful place, but a community that is willing to make changes and to give to those in need. At the beginning of the new tradition, she was raising around eight to nine thousand dollars for these charities, and again, she doesn’t take any of the money that is raised, and she also doesn’t utilize a team of people to sponsor the event. Last year donations reached an all-time high at seventy-six thousand dollars. 

This year was special however, within fourteen minutes of the Livestream Colleen raised eighty-six thousand dollars, cue the waterworks! It’s so amazing that so many people were able to chip in whatever they could afford to such a great cause. I have to say it’s people like Colleen who keep the internet and world wholesome and kind. Not only does she raise money, but she raises awareness by visiting the Los Angeles children’s hospital before the event. She sings to them, reads to them, and gets to know all the kids at the hospital. Every year she gets to know a couple of kids on a personal level and shares their story on the Livestream to show that cancer is not fair to kids and in several cases ends in a fatality. This year she shed light on Aiden, a one-year-old boy who lost his battle with brain cancer, and his story was quite impactful to not only her fans but to Colleen as well considering she also has a one-year-old son now. She also mentioned Skye, a fourteen-year-old girl who has an incredibly rare form of cancer called nut midline carcinoma, Sky has her own campaign to raise awareness of her illness and donators can receive a handmade bracelet with “Skye Strong” on it. It is so important that Colleen showcases these children to make the issue more personal and to show the real effects of childhood cancer.  

At the end of the two-hour Livestream, Colleen raised a hundred and forty thousand dollars, and the total keeps growing! If you missed the Livestream, you can still donate for about forty more days! This is such a huge breakthrough in fundraising and shows that the internet isn’t just a toxic place but can be used for something greater such as this. Let’s continue to support creators such as Colleen, and continue the fight to kick cancer’s butt! Thank you, Colleen, for being such a boss ass B, and fighting for something that is underrepresented.  

First-year at CWU, originally from Woodland, Washington. Majoring in political science, Evelyn enjoys reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.
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