How to Capture the Perfect Picture

In a world where social media presence can lead to fame, taking the perfect picture is key. And for the past year, I’ve been accumulating some tips and tricks for taking the best pictures. Here’s how you can get the perfect picture for your Instagram aesthetic.


Lighting can be tricky, even for professional photographers. But, you can make the most out of pretty much any lighting. The key is to have your subject placed where the sun is behind them. This can help discourage harsh shadows on the face that might occur with the sun in front or to the side of the subject. Another helpful tip is to find even lighting. When it comes to photos, a shady tree or spot can be your best friend. Just make sure that there aren’t uneven sun spots on the subject’s face when snapping shots. My absolute favorite time to shoot is the famous golden hour. This time of day, about two hours before sunset, gives a very soft light as to avoid any harsh shadows on the face. With golden hour, you can place your subject pretty much anywhere and it will be GORGEOUS



Capturing your subject from the right angle can really help elevate your photos. Usually, you want your subject to look as long as possible. Pointing your camera up at the subject from a lower angle helps the more vertically-challenged with their proportions. I like to keep my angles flat, while tipping the camera up just a little bit to add that extra length that some of us need and want. But don’t be afraid to experiment with angles! Your photos should capture your personality, so don’t shy away from stepping out of your box.



Movement is everything when capturing the perfect photo. Having your subject walk or even spin around makes for some amazing pictures, and it helps them become more comfortable in front of the camera! Obviously, moving between poses can create some blur in photos, but moving in slow motion is key. This makes it so you can capture your subject in their natural form, which makes for great pictures.


Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, these tips can help you create some ‘insta-worthy’ moments.

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