Holiday Outfit Inspo

The holidays are among us, which means there are plenty of events going on, all of which require an outfit. I feel like I see the same type of outfits every year for the holidays (I’m looking at you, sequin dresses), and thought I’d share my outfit inspo for this season. I think the trend of patterned pants and a sort of “soft edgy” style is the perfect style to ring in 2020.

This outfit just screams “Christmas” to me. The red and white stripes are very reminiscent of a candy cane, so it’s pretty much perfect. The striped pants and overcoat paired with a crop top gives off a put-together yet relaxed vibe that I like and would be perfect for a Christmas party.

I love this outfit for Christmas because it will (hopefully) be considered “appropriate” by your judgemental relatives. This outfit would also be cute and perhaps a little more “Christmas-y” with a red bootie. I also love the turtleneck; I’ve been very into them lately. This outfit would also be cute for a New Year’s Eve party.

Honestly, I love everything about this outfit. Maybe it doesn’t scream “holidays” to some, but in my opinion, it’s a great “non-traditional” outfit for the holidays. The skirt is plaid, so the outfit has some sort of holiday clout, right? I think this is a great outfit for any time, but the incorporation of the plaid skirt really sells the “holiday appeal” of the outfit for me.

Lastly, this amazing outfit. I think of this as more of a New Year’s Eve outfit. I just love everything about this outfit, the belt/pants/shoe combo looks amazing, and I’m now going to hunt these pants down.


I love all four of these outfits. If not inspo for holiday-specific outfits, I hope you found some inspiration for day-to-day outfits!  

Thanks for reading!