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I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has been dragging on for everyone, but thankfully spooky season is finally upon us! As we are already almost through October the leaves are turning into dreamy colors, cozy sweaters feel warmer than ever, and the pumpkin cravings are real. Scary movies may not be everyone’s favorite thing this time of year, but these Her Campus CWU members’ personal ghost stories definitely will be!

Photo by Ryan Miguel Capili from Pexels

“My friend always said her house was haunted and I never believed in ghosts or spirits or honestly anything. However, it was still scary to think about and we were probably about 14. She was explaining to me that in her house there were always strange events that went on; random things falling off counters, lights flickering, and unexplainable cold breezes of air. I thought it was dumb to be honest, but her whole family said it was true. One night I came out of her room around 8 pm, and as I was walking down the stairs I felt the coldest breeze of air causing me to stumble down a couple of steps, I thought someone had pushed me from behind. There were no windows open, and there was nobody behind me. It was absolutely terrifying. I ran into her room crying. It was so strange I knew I couldn’t have just tripped, and the air thing was unexplainable. Now I am forever creeped out.”

– Bailey, Senior

“My parents’ house was finished being built in 1900, and we have had countless experiences from 2005 to present. However, there’s one memory that stands out the most, and I was only in elementary school. My dad, brother, and I were watching a movie with my mom in the adjacent room listening too. We all noticed a light in the house that was suddenly flickering, so my dad thought it would be fun to experiment. This was when Apple iPods were the coolest thing (not the iPod touch, but Apple iPod Classic where you scrolled through menus with your thumb moving over a circle), and there happened to be one sitting on the table. My dad asked, ‘If there is someone in here right now, turn that device on,’. After a few seconds, it lit right up. He continued asking several questions, such as, ‘If you are listening to this, press the button to skip to the next song,’ and we all sat there in awe as something intelligently followed his demands. After researching, we found that those Apple iPods had no voice control, so we have no explanation.”

– Kyla, Junior

“My grandma used to live in an old farmhouse growing up and I swear she had a ghost. I would be downstairs by myself and the hall light leading upstairs would always turn on and off. Then, she had these porcelain dolls that were sitting on the entertainment center in the living room and each morning they would be facing a different way; one morning there was a row of them on the ground. I think the creepiest thing was when I was sleeping over upstairs, and the door opened and closed like three times and I felt cold air on my face. I literally felt like I couldn’t move.”

– Paije, Junior

“I had been working at the movie theater in my hometown, which is one of the oldest buildings in town and had previously been a performance theater, not to mention it had underground tunnels that ran from the basement of the theater across town. My coworkers and I always joked about a ghost haunting the place because we all had experienced strange things happening there. One of my coworkers had an unexplained scratch on her back one day, we all regularly saw shadow figures sitting in the lobby, and I had been touched by something while washing dishes alone once. Overall it was a spooky place and we tried to make light of it by naming this entity Gerald. One night, as me and my coworkers were all taking a break together in the lobby, we heard the loud crash of a pizza pan falling from the top of the oven to the floor. The doors were locked, the windows weren’t able to be opened, and all of us were together. We all go check it out to see what happened, and not only had a pan fallen from the oven, but the oven door was open. For reference, this oven door was about 15lbs and had a sturdy latch that I could only open using both hands. The latch was shut before we left the kitchen as we would rarely open the oven door. This was when I knew something was definitely up at the theater, and after that night I could not work there alone again.”

– Hannah, Junior

Hopefully these personal encounters were able to get you into the Halloween spirit! Have a safe spooky season!

Kyla is a senior at Central Washington University double majoring in Marketing Management and Leadership and Management with a minor in Digital Marketing. She enjoys reading, cooking, and playing with her dogs.
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