Hello Swimsuit Season

The sun is out and we all know what that means, swim suit season! The right swimwear and accessories can make or break a trip to the beach. If your swimsuit fits well and looks great on your body, you will feel confident and self-assured. On the other hand, if you choose a swimsuit that doesn’t fit quite right or that makes you feel uncomfortable, you will spend the whole day fidgeting and tugging at your suit instead of enjoying the beauty of the surrounding beach and ocean. Remember, ALL bodies are swimsuit bodies! What kind of swimsuit fits your body style is what really matters.

Finding the right beachwear for women is all about knowing what types of swimsuits will fit and flatter your body type. The good place to start is by identifying your general body shape. Once you identify your body shape, you can then start looking for swimsuits and beachwear that will flatter it, every girl deserves to look like a bomb as bitch at the beach.


Swimsuits for *pear shaped bodies

*Pear Shaped – With this body shape, the hips and lower body are wider than the upper body, resulting in somewhat of a pear-shaped silhouette.

If you have a pear-shaped body, look for swimsuits that draw the eye upward. For instance, bikinis with solid-colored bottoms and bright and decorative tops are a good choice. If you have a small chest, consider looking for a swimsuit that has ruffles or other details in the chest area to help add volume. This can create balance between your upper and lower half. The same goes for one-piece suits. Opt for suits that are simple on the bottom and more decorative on the top to focus the attention on your upper half.


Swimsuits for *apple shaped bodies

*Apple Shaped – With an apple shaped body, the upper body is a bit wider than the lower body.

The goal with an apple shaped body is to try to balance your proportions. Try looking for a swimsuit with the deep V-neck to make your upper body look narrower. Additionally, consider swimsuits that have ruffles or ties on the hips since these can make your hips look a bit more balanced with your upper half.


Swimsuits for *hourglass figure

*Hourglass – Women with an hourglass figure have a narrow waist with an upper and lower body that are about the same size.

Hourglass shaped bodies tend to look good in most types of beachwear since the upper and lower halves of the body are already balanced. If you have a large chest, however, be sure to look for a suit that provides adequate coverage and support. Also look for swimwear that accentuates your waistline.


Swimsuits for *straight bodies

*Straight – With this body shape, the upper body, lower body, and waist are all about the same size.

If you have a straight or athletic body, you should look for a swim suit that creates the illusion of curves. For instance, one-piece suits with cutouts in the sides. You could also look for lights colored or bold patterned tops with wide-set straps. Choose a padded or push-up top to add curves to your upper half.

Ruffled or embellished tops will draw the eye up adding curves to your upper half. Skirted or ruffled bottoms in a light, bright or bold pattern will help ad curves to your hips. Choose light, bright or patterned bottoms with a mid to low rise waist that cuts straight across your hips. Choose bottoms with ties or hip embellishments to add the illusion of curves. One piece bathing suits with a crisscross front, or with embellishment around the hips and bust to add the illusion of curves. Or choose tankinis with ruffles or embellishments around the bust and hips to add illusions of curves. Enhance the effect with a dark colored waist.

Swim suit season should never scare you! There’s a swimsuit for everybody type out there! No matter what yours is I’m sure you’re gonna look great by the pool or tanning on the beach! Hey HC girls, let us know if you have any other swim suit recommendations, and let us know how you feel about ours!