A Heart for Giving

This time of year, giving and donations are always on my mind. Donating is always appreciated no matter the time of year. But there is something about the holiday season that makes donating all the more special. It’s the opportunity to give a family a Christmas dinner they may not have had without the kindness of donations. Or providing homeless youth with a warm jacket through the winter months. Donating is one of the best ways to brighten up not only your Christmas, but somebody else’s as well.


Donate The Best Way That Fits You

 I think the idea of giving tends to be very misconstrued. For most people, we think donations have to be extravagant gifts or a decent chunk of money. However, that is not the case! I would like to remind you that donating is based on what you can afford. I totally understand and relate to a tight budget not allowing much room for monetary donations. A small amount of money from a lot of people makes for a decent amount of money donated. Don’t blow your holiday gift budget or monthly budget by overdoing it with donations. Donate what you can afford and I promise you, it will make a difference no matter what the amount may be. Another gracious way to donate that doesn't’ touch your wallet is recycling winter clothing. At the start of every winter I like to purge my closet. I take this time to donate old jackets or sweaters that I don’t wear anymore to give away to someone in need. Clothing donations can be taken to your local Goodwill or my favorite, Winter Coat Drives, because the donations are given away for free and the recipients don’t have to pay for their coats.

Adopt a Family

My favorite holiday giving is a family tradition of mine we’ve had since I was little. Every December we would adopt a family and go shopping for them. The program was done through a community family program in my hometown. I have heard of similar programs or ideas in other towns as well. Each family member can give their top 3 gifts they wanted as well as their food favorite for their Christmas dinner. My family and I would make a day out of the shopping trip followed by wrapping all the gifts for the family. The feeling of being able to bless a family who otherwise would not have been able to have a Christmas is incredibly fulfilling. Most years my family would opt out of giving each other gifts and instead put our Christmas money towards adopting a family. This is a tradition I plan to carry on with my own family one day. I strongly encourage you or your family to consider giving in any capacities such as these this Christmas season. It’s a fun and rewarding tradition.

Looks Around For Different Options

If you do plan on donating this holiday season or sometime in the future, I would encourage you to do a little research before you start. First, go after a cause that speaks to your heart. Do you have a passion for a specific humanitarian crisis? Find a charity that supports your passion of choice. When you have a certain charity in mind, check their website first. Check how much of their donations actually get donated versus what percentage goes to salaries or marketing. Another wise way to choose a charity is to ask around for recommendations. We tend to trust our family and friends more than anyone else. They could have some great suggestions. The other great way to research charities is to ask experts in that specific area. If you’re interested in a woman’s health charity, ask your OBGYN if they know of any great charities in your community.


Happy Holidays!