Have the Cutest Cap at Your Graduation

I can’t believe it’s here. My last article as a Her Campus Writer *insert crying face emoji*. I just finished my last class and will be walking in my graduation ceremony this weekend. In between finals and studying, I’ve been trying to soak in all the grad week festivities. This week has been 4 years in the making full of stress, hard work, discipline, and triumphs. I deserve to celebrate to the fullest just as I hope all you fellow graduates are doing. I want to dedicate my last article to the very appropriate topic of graduation cap decoration. 

At first, I wasn’t planning on decorating my cap. But after being convinced by a friend, also graduating, I decided I didn’t want to be a caught with a plain, boring cap on graduation day. It’s a fun way to show self-expression in a sea of fellow graduates all dressed the same. I told my parent’s it will help them spot me from the audience too. The first step is to come up with a decoration idea. I don’t think of myself as very creative so, if you’re like me, Pinterest is there to rescue us. I started by simply searching grad cap decoration ideas on Pinterest and wow, were their plenty of ideas to choose from. I knew I wanted something culturally relevant that would be a sign of the times during my college years. After very little searching the idea came to me. Ariana Grande, DUH. I love Ari and she had a heavy presence during my college career. It was a perfect idea. I found plenty of “Thank U, Next” caps but I wanted something a little catchier. Here’s what I came up with. 

After a trip to Michael’s, $13 of supplies, and only 15 minutes to assemble it, my masterpiece was completed. I was fairly surprised at how easy it was to put together (s/o Michael’s)! The pink background is a piece of scrapbook paper. The letters, grad cap, and diploma are all stickers. 

Below are a few more ideas that almost won my vote and maybe they’ll give you some inspiration!

If you’re graduating this year, my sincerest congrats to you! You’ve worked hard to reach this point and you should commend yourself. I will forever be grateful for the friendships and opportunities Her Campus has given me. I will dearly miss this club and all the wonderful people involved.