For a Good Cause

I started subscribing to the Causebox about three years ago, right before I came to CWU. After constantly being teased on social media by all the cute things that came in a Causebox, I finally gave in and subscribed. It is the one and only subscription box I am part of. While other boxes look like fun subscriptions, like FabFitFun, The Papergang, and Sips By, I have only committed to Causebox. The Causebox is a quarterly box of amazingness that I have yet to be disappointed by!

Causebox supports startup businesses with a good cause. In one box I got a reusable coffee mug. I know that sounds generic, but the brand is KeepCup, and the idea behind these reusable coffee cups is that they are the same size as disposable cups you get at coffee stands, making the size easy to remember when ordering. KeepCup was originally started in Melbourne by a local coffee shop, and the original goal was just to promote reusable cups instead of one-use cups. In addition, they have kept manufacturing local, building up the workforce and stimulating the economy in Australia.

Causebox also likes to promote makeup and skincare products that are certified cruelty free and paraben-free. Two of the products I have received and absolutely love are the RealHer eyeshadow pallet (a women-owned and operated business, always love a Girl Boss), and a daily face moisturizer by Kalos Skin.

During the summer the boxes often have lemonade samples and multivitamin samples that are great to try! I also received my favorite water bottle made by S’well in one of my Causebox’s.

What makes Causebox so great is that they send items that support local business that are working to minimize their carbon footprint on the planet while making quality products you can be proud of using. One of the best things about Causebox is that everything in each box is cruelty-free! It is one of the main requirements for being featured and promoted by Causebox. The products in the Causebox are made and sourced ethically, and through various partnerships, Causebox has contributed to sending girls to school in India, to planting trees. Causebox works to raise awareness of meaningful causes and charities in the U.S and around the world, with a special focus on supporting women-owned and operated businesses.

A couple of new things Caussebox has started doing is letting yearly members choose between different colors for specific items in the box. Most recently I got to choose between three colors for a duffle bag that was in the fall Causebox, and I got to choose between thee metal choices for the necklace that they were sending. Another thing Causebox has started doing is something called The Market. It is an online market for additional products that are not in the Causebox but are items they feel their members would enjoy. Through The Market, members get up to 70% of products that are made by companies Causebox supports, so you can add to the wonderful items you already receive in the quarterly box. The Market is only available once a quarter during the time of the Causebox being sent out, so you only have a couple of weeks to purchase the great add ons! Causebox also does teasers and box reveals before the box is shipped so you know what you are getting ahead of time. I remember when they only gave one or two teasers before they started revealing the whole box and it was always fun to have a complete surprise when the box arrived. While I miss having a complete surprise, I have grown to like knowing what is in the box before it arrives. Knowing what I will be receiving only makes me more excited about all the wonderful products each quarter!

So next time you see a subscription ad for Causebox, give it a try, you won’t be sorry!