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Gifts That the Plant People in Your Life Will Love

The season of giving is upon us. But when the interests of your loved ones are not always aligned with your own, it can be hard to figure out what exactly they would like to be gifted. This is ever relevant when it comes to plant people. Of course, the easy answer would be. “why not just gift them a plant?” But I would rather not be gifted cacti with a plastic flower glued on top or a *dun, dun, dun! * Calathea. Generally, the plants found at the grocery store can contain pests or suffer from root rot, something that can be quite stressful to deal with. So instead, I rounded up some plants for plant people that are not plants.

Propagation Stations

Propagation Station Propagation Vase Plant Vase Glass | Etsy

Any kind of propagation station would make a wonderful gift for a plant owner! The best part is that they cater to a large range of budgets. You can purchase an expensive one or even DIY your own out of supplies from the dollar store. Not only will this gift be a practical item for them to use but will also aid them in growing many new plants.

Plant-y Clothing

House Plant Oversized Tshirt Plant Mom Crazy Plant Lady | Etsy

Plants are beautiful is it is no surprise that there are many different houseplant-inspired clothing available. I especially like this particular shirt because it isn’t over the top “plant parent-y” but rather just features gorgeous plants. I feel like this shirt could be worn and enjoyed by anyone, no matter how invested in houseplants they are. But if you look around, you will find a wide array of plant-inspired clothing pieces that can fit anyone’s style.

W.A.P. Mug

WAP Wet Ass Plants 11oz Coffee or Tea Mug Funny Premium | Etsy

This mug is not only super cute but sure to make the recipient let out a chuckle. Just maybe don’t give this to your great aunt Bertha who loves their petunias. (Unless your aunt Bertha also happens to be a Cardi B. stan) But I’m sure that the Gen-Z or Millennial plant parents in your life will appreciate this mug.

Plant Mister

Glass Houseplant Mister or atomizer Nice Even | Etsy

A lot of spray bottles found at the dollar tree or similar tend to ‘spit’ on your plants rather than actually misting your plants. But this specific mister lets out a gradual, consistent stream of water to increase humidity (momentarily) and also looks gorgeous displayed in the home.

Monstera Albo Magnet

Monstera Albo Leaf 3D Printed Magnet | Etsy

Don’t have the funds to gift your loved one on a Monstera Albo? Give them the next best thing with this magnet! The same seller has a variety of different plants as well. Some of my favorites from this seller include their Caladium, variegated Alocasia, and Calathea Ornata magnets. So, the next time your plant pal goes on a plant rant, pay a little attention, and find out what their dream plant is and gift them a unique, thoughtful gift.

Bernie Plant Sitter

Bernie Sanders Plant Marker Bernie Mittens Gift Plant Lover | Etsy

Does the plant person in your life also happen to be a Bernie Sanders simp? I promise we do exist. If so, this little Bernie would be a great gift. Even if this specific niche of plant owners doesn’t apply to them, there are still lots of other plant markers that most plant owners can get behind! These plant stakes are budget-friendly and feature funny saying like “not dead yet” or “succ it.” Either way, there are a lot of options that can fit any plant owners’ specific interests.

A Cute Trellis

17” 7” 10” Plant Trellis Stain | Etsy

If your plant person also happens to be an aroid lover, they will absolutely love a plant trellis. There are so many different options and Esty has a lot of aesthetically pleasing homemade trellises that would make great gifts. Just like the plant stakes, these can align with the gift receiver’s interests outside of plant parenthood. For example, these cat trellises.

Although it may seem like the default gift for a plant lover would be another plant, there are so many options of things that the plant lover in your life will love just as much if not more than another plant to add to their collection. So, go forth gifting and no matter what you celebrate, happy holidays!

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