Gifts from the Heart

Mother’s Day means to honor our moms and make them feel special. The perfect way to make them feel special on their day is by personally making something sweet. Handmade gifts are always the best in my opinion. Here are ten easy gift ideas to make for your mom on Mother’s Day. 

  1. Paints

    Rustic signs are always trendy, and you can do just about anything with them. Get a little Mother’s Day inspiration with this sign. All you need is a sanded piece of wood, paint, hooks, and twine to hang.

  2. If you have a circuit maker or vinyl cutting machine, take an ordinary watering can and give it an update. Use the vinyl and create a custom message just for your mom. 

  3. lit candles at home

    I have seen a lot of people repurposing their old teacups and coffee mugs. Take one out of the cupboard and give it a new life. All you need is a teacup or coffee mug, candle wax, candle wicks, scent, and crayons if you want to tint the wax. This is a cute and easy craft! 

  4. Keepsake boxes are filled with memories like pictures, tickets from different events, and other trinkets. You can choose to make them with wood or craft cardboard boxes and then decorate them how you like! 

  5. Succulents assorted in pots

    Plants can be tricky, especially if you are not born with a green thumb. I always go for succulents because they require minimal attention. For this planter, they used a metal enamel colander and created a beautiful arrangement of succulents.  This can be a great way to repurpose a kitchen item and turn it into a planter! 

  6. Bath items are always a great gift idea for relaxation. This link will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect lavender bath bombs for your mom to enjoy! 

  7. This is an easy gift idea to create for your mom and it can be done in just four simple steps. Sugar scrubs always have an amazing scent and they moisturize your skin.

  8. Person in a bathtub with lemons and herbs reading

    This is more of an intense project but it is so worth it. Make your mom a relaxation station in the tub so she can have her book and candle in the perfect spot. Use wood, stain, paint, and handles to create a beautiful tray! 

  9. I love farmhouse wreaths that are just made with simple yet beautiful greenery. This gift idea can be completed in an hour and there are only a few steps. Your mom will love it!

  10. Baking tools

    Add a pop of color to some plain unfinished wood kitchen utensils. Even use a woodburning tool to add a more personal touch! 

Click all the links for inspiration and for step-by-step instructions on how to make all these DIY projects. Get more inspiration by exploring other ideas on Pinterest! Happy Mother's Day!