Getting Through College During COVID-19

Not only is going to college terrifying but going to college during a global pandemic is a completely different level! Now imagine moving to a completely different state, not having any friends, and being hundreds of miles away from family. Well, that’s what I am going through and I am going to give you a first-hand look into the life of a college freshman during COVID-19.

Adjusting to College Classes girl stressed at computer

Most classes are online, some are doing online live, meaning you are on a Zoom or Microsoft Teams while others are completely online or self-paced you could say. Having self-paced classes is very smooth going since all you have to do is get the assignments done by the due date and you are good to go, but are you really learning? When having an in-person class, we all must wear masks. I have to actually be present and be prepared for the class every day even before assignments are due. This means that I am having to retain the knowledge whereas with online classes all I am doing is the bare minimum in all assignments. Also, keep in mind that I am coming from doing no schoolwork for six to seven months to jumping headfirst into a swamp of college work. The reality is that I am not really having fun; I am swarmed with school work and have a poor work ethic that is quickly being whipped into shape. 

The Little Things That Matter image of three friends watching the sunset Photo by Simon Maage from Unsplash

For me with having all my classes so split up, not living on campus, and missing out on so many college firsts, adapting to college has been hard but here is what has been pulling me through! 

For starters, I have one in-person class so I am able to be on campus for at least an hour four days a week. I have become good friends with my roommates so I am able to be with them at any time since making friends during COVID-19 is very difficult. I am trying to make as many friends as I can since not living in the dorms my freshman year means I am missing out on those immediate friendships with your room and floormates. I am hoping to join a club and get a job that will help fill up some time and open me up to new communities and resources. I have been trying to get a routine going where I am able to fill up my days and still be successful with college. Although COVID-19 has caused a lot of normal college events to be canceled, I am making the most of my time in college and I hope you are too!

I think it is important to remember that we are all in this moment together, and together we will make it out of this unprecedented time too. Parts of my freshman experience I know can be relatable, which is why I decided to share my personal feelings on this huge change. I think if we can manage to keep our heads held high while making the best out of the situation, we can get through this time together and come out stronger.