Getting into the Spirit of Spring

We may have a few more weeks before we can truly dub it spring according to the groundhog, but in the meantime, here are a few ideas and activities to get you hyped for the season of change!

Bring the Garden into Your Home

Prudence Earl via Unsplash It might be too cold to start planting those beautiful flowers out in your garden just yet, but you can get your green thumb on by bringing the spring smell and vibrant colors into the home. The best living plant you could ever get is a succulent. Big or small these guys are the best plants ever. To care for your succulents all you need is a little water every couple of weeks and some natural light from a windowsill. If this seems like too much work, at least purchase some fake plants since you can never go wrong with those!

Early Spring Cleaning

Yasmine Boheas Yasmine Boheas / Unsplash The most typical way you can get into the spirit of spring is by starting with a space you are dying to get cleaned up. Even rearranging the room will make you feel more organized! Find different storage solutions to maximize your space and make it functional for you. Get rid of useless items and start sorting through things you want to keep, toss, or donate. 

Go Hiking

Girl hiking Photo by Holly Mandarich from Unsplash Here in the Pacific Northwest, our weather is all over the place. One day it's sunny and pushing 50 degrees, and other days it's a mix of rain and snow. On the days it's sunny and not a cloud is in sight, get outside! I am so blessed to live in a state with the most amazing scenery. Go to your local park or hit up some trails. A little adventure and fresh air will certainly clear your mind.

DIY Projects

Amazon When it's cold and the weather is dreary, we all just want to stay inside. My personal go-to is getting crafty. You can find things to do on Pinterest that will unleash your creative side. Making something yourself is always so much fun!

Try New Recipes and Get Cooking

cooking dinner Photo by Conscious Design from Unsplash Cooking and trying new recipes at home can be super fun! If you want to go for some variation, make dishes with fresh fruit and veggies. My go-to is an Italian pasta salad because it's simple to make any time! Try to get into the habit of making yourself a colorful looking meal that is both tasty and healthy for you. 

Change Up Your Style

Clueless Paramount Pictures

The amazing thing about fashion styles is that they are always evolving. A tip from my roommate is to sort your closet according to the season. Doing this can help with finding quick outfits for the day, or just exploring your options.

Support a Small Business

Open sign Photo by Mike Petrucci from Unsplash The best thing you can do with your money is supporting a small business, especially for the times that we're in. I always enjoy walking in Downtown Ellensburg and finding cute shops to go into. When you're shopping, always go for the small business because they need your support now more than ever. 

Hopefully, this article gave you some fun ideas and tips on how to celebrate spring early! All of us at Her Campus cannot wait for the new season to arrive and we hope you're just as excited!