Get to Know: Deven

This week we caught up with Deven Marshall, he is currently a freshman at Central Washington University and is an exceptional student. Deven is someone who exceeds the social norms of day to day life and works very hard for what he wants. Deven is very driven and plans on excelling in his future endeavors.

Where are you from? Harare, Zimbabwe


What do you miss from home? African rain storms, it doesn’t rain =here like it does there, it doesn’t rain in the morning, but at night and it buckets down. It rains for about 4 hours and after it feels to cooling and calming. It is extremely refreshing and makes everything feel fresh and clear again.


What is your favorite thing about Ellensburg, Washington? The relaxed small town vibes, reminds me of home.


What is your favorite NFL team in the United States? Baltimore Ravens, they won the Super bowl the first time I started watching American football.


What are weird words or phrases that you commonly hear in America? Hella, LIT, and for sure. I dislike them all. 


What is your favorite type of food in America, that isn’t available in Zimbabwe? Red Robin and Egg Nog. I love egg nog lattes.


What is your dream first date: taking a girl somewhere quiet, and personal. Where I can get to know her, the first date is mainly about the girl in my opinion and getting to know her on a personal level


What is something that people must see in Zimbabwe? Victoria Falls and World View in Mitopus, Zimbabwe.


Where is your favorite place is to eat in Ellensburg? Cornerstone Pie


What is your major/minor? Finance, minoring in economics or entrepreneurship. Teaches you how to analyze the stock market and how to effectively manage people’s money.


Would you classify yourself as a city guy or a beach guy? Beach guy, I am very laid back and I would much rather be laying on a beach, than running through the city.


What are a few of your favorite hobbies?

  • Reading: right now, my favorite book is The Snowball by Lauren Buffet,
  • Learning new things: by that I mean, increasing my view of the world, how people work, how money works, & philosophy.
  • Skiing: I love Bogus Basin in Boise ID.
  • The Great Outdoors: I enjoy the outdoors and hiking; I went on the waterfall hike and it was beautiful.
  • Movies: They’re my thing, some of my favorites are: Never Back Down, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Kings Man Secret Service, Fight Club and Top Gun


What are you watching on Netflix right now? Super girl and Supernatural, highly recommend both.


What are your interests? Stock market: it’s interesting to see how money works, and where it goes and comes from.


What is one thing you would change about the world: One thing I would change is probably the mindset people have about DEBT. The fact that getting into debt is “alright.” It’s hard to see millions of people drowning in debt, and that people live out of their means and are okay with it. I would change how the system works.


Next time you see a tall, dark, and handsome freshman, with a South African accent; give him a smile, knucks, or a high five.