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Friendships Through Ages and Milestones

As we get older, friendships change. We start finding our paths and discovering those do not always crossover or even travel in the same general direction of what we want to do in our lives. We graduate from high school, go to college, get our dream career, and hopefully meet the love of our life to start a family to make amazing memories with. Where do our friends fall into this when it comes to friendships? How do we maintain a healthy relationship when it comes to life happening for all of us?

I had the incredible honor last summer of watching my childhood best friend Kiaya Boyce get married to her wonderful husband Colby. I was a bridesmaid at the wedding, and it was one of the best days I got to experience. It was a day filled with so much love, happiness, and fun. But even before the wedding, months before I began to think, would the friendship be the same? We were already miles apart, her in Kennewick and me about to move to Ellensburg for college. Would I hang out or even hear from her that much? Questions floated around in my mind for what seemed like forever and it worried me. We were like peas in a pod since we were seven or eight years old, would it all change after the simple two words of “I do?”  The truth is that it doesn't change much if you both put in the work. I was lucky enough when Kiaya married Colby that I also got to know him and gain another friend. Just because people get married does not mean parts of their life completely shut off and change.

[bf_image id="c5p54zq5xkt8fx6q5hkhv5g"] What I learned was that your friendships can grow stronger and create a more solid foundation for the future. We all might be in different stages of our lives, but we can always come back to one another and pick up where we left off. We can communicate and keep each other updated in our lives and check in on each other. We can be each other’s therapist and give us that life advice we needed or just rant for twenty minutes to feel better and be heard. We’ve got a million ways to be involved in our ever-changing lives and different perspectives to contribute to all our friendships. Put forth the work. Be there for one another. Make it two sides, not one. Grow with one another. 

My name is Katelyn Richardson. I am 27 years old. I am currently attending Central Washington University studying my bachelors degree in food and sciences to become a nutritionist and later a diabetes educator for kids. I've been personally battling type 1 diabetes since I was six years old. I love being outside, vintage shopping, watching movies, and going to stock car races!
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