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Four Reasons Why You Should Get Involved in the Arts

Have you ever found yourself staring at an extravagant work of art in either a museum or in a photography portfolio? Or perhaps enjoying every moment of a theatre production, concert, dance recital/competition, or a poetry reading? And at that moment did you ever feel inspired to get involved within that particular area of art, but felt unsure of how to get involved? Were you hesitant or nervous about pursuing that area of art? Are you still unsure? If any of these things apply to you then keep reading as I am here to help you find that motivation. As someone who participated in my high school’s musical production all throughout high school, I can definitely say that getting involved with the arts is not only amazing but also very beneficial to one’s mentality. I have compiled a list with four reasons as to why you should get involved with the arts and I hope that this will inspire you to get involved within your desired area.

You Get to Explore Your Creative Mindset & Expression

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From painting a masterpiece to acting on stage, you get to use creativity in a variety of ways in the arts which may include your perspective on a particular topic (either expressed artistically or poetically), how you portray a character on stage, your version of a well-known song, and even how you express your emotions whether on stage, through a work of art, or through writing poetry. Being able to explore your creative mindset not only gives you something to look forward to each day, but it also can give you a sense of achievement when your creativity leads you to a product that is admired by others or is something that makes you feel good about yourself overall. 

Being Involved in the Arts is Beneficial to Your Mental and Cognitive Health

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Not only do you have the pleasure of exploring your creative mindset when you get involved in the arts, but you are also increasing your mental wellness as well as your cognitive wellness at the same time. Studies have shown that if you get involved in something that you enjoy (in this case, an area in the arts), then you “can lower [your] blood pressure, [your] stress hormone cortisol, and body mass index.” Additionally, you can reduce any “negative thoughts and levels of depression” that you may have due to stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, or from an unfortunate circumstance by getting involved in the arts. In regards to benefits to cognitive health, you are using your right side of the brain in order to think creatively in the area of art that you are pursuing. Fortunately, using the right side of the brain comes with many benefits including developing visual skills that will help you see “the bigger picture instead of focusing on the details”, strengthening your imagination that will come in handy whenever you are creating a work of art, enhancing your understanding of emotional intelligence, and so much more. So becoming involved with the arts is a great way to escape from the troubles in your life that may be bringing you down.

You Get to Meet People Who Share the Same Interests

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One of the best parts about getting involved with the arts is encountering other people who share the same interests as you do. When I was involved with my high school’s musical productions, I had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people who were just as interested in theatre as I was. Additionally, I became closer to some of my good friends from being involved with my high school’s musical and even developed a few new friends/acquaintances as well. So getting involved with the arts is another great way to put yourself out there and make new friends, especially during this time when it can be difficult to do so. Also by meeting new people, you can receive some pointers in your performance within your area of art, whether it is performance-based or artwork-based. 

You Get to See a New Perspective 

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Oftentimes when you experience art or are involved with art, you get to see a new perspective, especially when someone uses a particular work of art as an inspiration for creating an original work of art. Examples of this may include an original play, poem, song, dance, painting, drawing, sculpture, and so much more. The best part about seeing a new perspective in the arts is expanding your own ideas to form a new perspective. Additionally, it is amazing to see your ideas and creations come to life and for others to admire your work from afar.

I hope that my reasons for why you should get involved in the arts inspires you to put yourself out there in the art community, and I hope that whatever you decide to do, it is something that you truly enjoy!


A second year student at CWU who is interested in pursuing a double major in both psychology and education with a minor in theatre arts. Enjoys baking, singing, and exercising during spare time.
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