Four Decorating Tips to Help Maximize Space

Unfortunately, the average college student has limited living space, whether it’s a tiny dorm or a studio apartment. But a small space can feel large with just a few decorating adjustments. These decorating tips will help make your tiny space feel a whole new room!


Hang Your Curtains High

Whether it’s your bedroom or your living room, hanging your curtains a few inches higher than normal can make your space look so much larger. The illusion of higher ceilings can make your 300 square feet living room feel like 600. A light colored curtain can also make space feel larger because the light that reflects off of the curtains creates the illusion of a larger space.


Don’t Over-Decorate

In my first apartment, I made the mistake of over-decorating. I couldn’t choose between my many pieces, so I threw them all on my walls. But I quickly learned that having a minimalist approach to decorating is key. Once you’re done decorating a space, take at least two things down. That way you won’t be a victim to cluttering up space and making it feel tiny.


Play with Mirrors

Slapping a big mirror on the wall seems like the most obvious trick to making space feel larger, but it does make an impact. And don’t be afraid to play with shapes, too. A large circle mirror can make a statement while still creating more space.


Try Vertical Gardening

If you’re a plant lover, you know that having a green thumb can take up a lot of space. Vertical gardening still purifies the air while taking up as little space as possible! There are tons of DIY macrame plant holder tutorials online that can help you maximize space.


And remember, your space is supposed to emulate your personality. So, have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to play with different colors and patterns that truly represent your style.

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