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Four Brands Youre Sleeping On

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Living in a college town makes it increasingly difficult to branch out and try new brands. The same-old-same-old definitely gets old but online shopping is stressful if you don’t believe in reviews. Well we have all the review you need! If you need to spruce up your spring repertoire or just want to branch out, here are a few recommendations you’re probably been sleeping on!

Colour Pop

It is definitely understandable to be cautious about online brands with a ton of cute products and low prices. But there is no fooling when it comes to Colour Pop! Their liquid lips and eye-shadow shades are worth twice the price and worth the shipping. Each component is high quality and animal friendly, what more could you want?

Soap and Glory Skin Care

Soap and Glory is a UK brand that graced the states years ago but has been recently gaining more attention, and rightfully so! All of their collections have a Benefit Beauty-esk feel, vintage and fun. But are a lot more affordable (and in my opinion) work just as good!


Abercrombie and Fitch

It is no secret that this brand has been struggling to defeat it’s “juvenile” stigma because most millennials stopped wearing this brand when they donated their over dried neon graphic-T. But A&E is as on trend as ever! It might feel weird walking into the East Coast themed shop without your mom by your side but once you get past that, the glove-fitting jeans and pretty floral dresses will get you past it.

What’s great about stores like A&F are that they are always having sales and have the easiest return policies.

James Jeans

The absolute best jeans you could ever buy. A more affordable luxury brand, James is high quality and fit like a dreeeam. They’re definitely an investment if you are living on a college budget. When you buy the same brand for a few years you get bored with the results. After spending the last few years buying Joe’s and Paige, putting on a pair of James skinny jeans, I don’t think anything has ever looked more flattering.

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