Five Wonderful and Cheesy Christmas Romance Movies to Binge During Lockdown

'Tis the season to curl up on the couch with your pet, a nice cup of hot cocoa, and an incredibly cheesy Christmas movie. You know the ones⁠—the predictable, romantic storylines where the protagonists always happen to wear red and green. In this time of radical change, these cheesy movies can be comforting. I love watching these movies every year⁠—it isn’t Christmas without them. I’ve compiled a few of my favorites that are available on the most popular streaming platforms!

  1. 1. Christmas Perfection

    White Red and Black Snowman

    Where to Watch: Hulu

    Are you a perfectionist? This movie may be for you. Darcy has always dreamed of the perfect Irish Christmas her mother told her about. She wakes up the day after a misshaped Thanksgiving to be in a world with her perfect Christmas. Her parents are married and happy, her copywriter crush takes her on dates every afternoon, and she ends the day with Christmas caroling and turkey dinner. What happens when her childhood best friend ends up in her Christmas village to bring her back to reality?

    I loved this movie. I related to Darcy so much! I’ve always wanted the perfect Christmas and I am definitely a perfectionist. Brandon, her best friend, is a funny and cute character that disrupts her perfect Christmas in the best way possible. This movie just brought me so much joy! I definitely recommend it.

  2. 2. A Cinderella Christmas

    Photo of the castle during daytime with Christmas decorations

    Where to Watch: Hulu

    There are many adaptions of the classic Cinderella story, but have you watched a Christmas themed one? Angie is an event planner who dreams of taking over her uncle’s business but her selfish cousin Candace ropes her into attending to her every whim. When Angie has a wonderful night with Nikolaus Karmichael at the Christmasquerade Ball, she doesn’t tell the rich bachelor her true identity for fear of Candace finding out. Throughout the rest of the movie, Angie helps Candace convince Nikolaus that her cousin was the one who shared the magical night with him leading up to their wedding.

    I was pleasantly surprised by this movie! The movie didn’t follow the exact Cinderella plotline that usual Cinderella movies follow. I found myself rooting for Angie the whole time, which is definitely nice. She was a likable character, and Nikolaus wasn’t too bad of a romantic interest either. This movie is the epitome of a good, cheesy Christmas movie!

  3. 3. Christmas Catch

    Christmas lights

    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Detective Mackenzie is not the best at dating or flirting. When the FBI and her police captain and mother assign her to go undercover to date a suspected diamond thief, she didn’t expect to fall in love! 

    This movie is cheesy to the max. If you’re looking for a movie to just groan and smile at with your friends, this is the one! Honestly, I was hoping Mackenzie would fall in love with her cute best friend! The movie was predictable in the best way! 

  4. 4. Christmas with a View

    snow field and green pine trees during daytime

    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Clara is a hard-working manager of a ski resort. A hot bachelor chef named Shane starts working at the resort, much to Clara’s dismay. However, through multiple encounters, she discovers that they are more similar than she thought. 

    I was rooting for Clara throughout the whole movie! I also enjoyed the scenes with cooking⁠—it seemed like the writers did a good job of researching different food terminology. The visuals in this movie were very pleasing to the eye⁠—I loved the snowy vibes! Clara and Shane definitely had chemistry which made the romance so entertaining! 

  5. 5. The Knight Before Christmas

    Where to Watch: Netflix

    Brooke is a teacher who’s given up on her happily ever after until she hits a time-traveling medieval knight with her car. Cole is trying to fulfill his destiny as a knight. Although Brooke thinks he is suffering from amnesia, she ends up falling in love with her knight of shining armor.

    I am SO HERE for Vanessa Hudgens in Christmas rom-coms. I love romance movies where two people from different worlds fall in love, and Cole is definitely from a different world. It was charming to watch a medieval knight learning modern-world things like cars! All cheesy Christmas movie lovers should watch!

While you’re staying inside with your families or roommates this holiday season, I hope you can enjoy all the cheesy movies your heart desires!