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First Year Follow-Up Part Two: Nicole Droppelman

Nicole Droppelman, freshman from Bellevue, Washington is having a blast in her first year at Central. After graduating from Sammamish High School, Nicole moved to Ellensburg this fall where she intends to major in Business. When Her Campus CWU asked Nicole what interested her most about coming to our school, she said “the connections that the Business department has with companies all over Washington. Also, when I toured the campus last year, everyone around campus looked so happy and like they wanted to be there. I wanted to go to a school where I felt that way, too!”

For first year students, it’s always an adjustment academically taking college classes when compared to high school. Nicole (pictured above, left) acknowledges, “I knew coming into college I would have to set more time aside for studying, and that’s exactly what I’ve had to do.” Whether it’s getting used to using Canvas, being comfortable asking questions in big lectures, or acing your exams, we recommend that new students find on-campus resources like the writing and math centers in the library, student workshops, and going to your professors’ office hours! In her first few weeks as a student here, Nicole says “[Professors] are all interested in getting to know each student and they are all willing to make time to meet with you if you need help or have any questions.” Not only will talking to your professors help you with any questions, but also it will put you on their good side!


#Adulting has been something that Nicole, as well as many other first year students, have to face as they enter college and furthermore after graduation. Nicole admits, “What’s been the hardest about adulting is managing my diet and making sure that I’m getting all the foods I need.” Being away from home is hard on new students in many ways, but a major change for some students is being away from home cooked, nutritious meals. Lucky for those of us living on campus, the SURC has so many healthy choices like the salad bar, grilled chicken, and wraps!

The party scene is an atmosphere that is new to many first year students when they come to Central. While many first year students choose to drink, a study by CWU in the spring of 2017 revealed that 30% of Central students choose not to drink. Nicole can agree that while some students choose to drink, not everyone parties all the time. Check out some of the season’s fun activities around town like the Huffman Farms Pumpkin Patch and Haunted Forest, Monday Movie Madness, or support our undeafeated Wildcat football team in their last two home games on October 21st and 28th!


We are overjoyed that our new students at Central love it here as much as we do here at Her Campus CWU. Next week we will be back with another’s experiences as a new student here at Central Washington University. We hope everyone is off to a great year in Ellensburg and we can’t wait for what’s to come!

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