Face Masks by Freeman

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing three individual face masks made by Freeman. The face masks are made with different skin types in mind, focusing on particular ways of refreshing the skin and giving you that after-mask feeling. My review will focus on product texture, smell, application, feeling, and of course the result it had on my skin. I have also listed them in a rated order, my favorite one being first. Here we go!


Rejuvenating Cucumber & Pink Salt Clay Mask (all skin types)

So with this mask I managed to convince my boyfriend to do it with me, so both of our thoughts on this are present! We loved that it felt very cooling on the skin, but didn’t give off a heavy smell. It was super thick and creamy, but with added exfoliant so it feels just a tiny bit rough while applying it to the face. There was also plenty in one package for both of our faces. Now, one thing we each noticed was that it made our faces incredibly itchy as it dried! For Cameron it was not bearable and he ended up washing it off early. 

After washing them off, we felt so deep cleaned. Our skin was smooth, or ‘slippery’ as he described. It cleared our pores and rejuvenated our skin! We both loved the feeling of our faces afterward. Cameron couldn’t even stop touching his face he was in such amazement. This was a super impressive face mask and I’d recommend it to anyone. 

Tip: I applied a moisturizer after removing the mask because it made the skin a bit tight.


Deep Clearing Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask & Cleanser (oily/breakout skin)

This face mask was still creamy, but did not have such a thick consistency. I would describe it as maybe a thick lotion, or heavy cream. It was smooth with no exfoliant. Application was easy and fast, although it made my eyes water! I couldn’t tell what it smelled like exactly but it was pretty strong. This mask dried quickly, making it difficult to move my face at all.

Once it was removed, my skin did feel clean; it was not oily at all anymore, so it definitely lived up to expectations! My skin felt nice, and it took away the oil, but it didn’t necessarily amaze me. Overall it is a great mask for those who really need some help with oil control, but definitely don’t skip the moisturizer after this one!    

Tip: It dried my skin out a bit too much, so I applied a moisturizer when I was all done.


Polishing Charcoal & Black Sugar Gel Mask & Scrub (all skin types)

My first impression was that this mask is exactly like wet sugar. Imagine trying to evenly coat wet sugar onto your face! It was a difficult mask to apply, and it was not smooth enough to be a nice texture. It did, however, have a very nice, subtle smell. This mask kind of made me feel more dirty when I had it on, which isn’t ideal for a skin cleaning product. Also while the other two masks had enough in one package for two faces, this one barely had enough for just mine. I actually had to cut it open and scrape it from the sides in order to have enough to cover my face. 

So next time you are looking for a new face mask, check out Freeman Face Mask products! Hey HC chapters, how did you feel about this product? Let us know in the comments below.