Expectations vs. Reality Your Freshmen Year of College

When it comes to starting college, everyone has different expectations of what it is going to be like. From the state of your dorm room to the nightly dinners you think you're going to be consuming, you will learn quickly that there isn't enough time or motivation to be the young adult you thought you would be in college. Bu don't feel bad, we're all in the same boat. For those of you already in college, you may know these all too Well. If not, here’s a little reality check for you new comers. 

Expectation: Straight A’s? Not a problem! I’m going to spend at least 3 hours a day in the library studying my ass off. Reality: I’ll go to the library…as soon as I wake up. Just one more hour of sleep…maybe four.

Expectation: You were blessed enough to acquire a quad dorm with your friends or get an apartment! You’re so excited to use your new kitchen! Think of all the food you could make! Reality: Eh, Ill cook tomorrow, Raman is fast and easy.

Expectation: It’s exam week! You’re going to walk into that final with everything memorized. It’ll only take you two weeks to cram it all into your brain. Reality:You find out it’s an open notebook exam and of course you left your notes in your dorm room

Expectation: You’re going to make so many friends and party all the time! Woo! Reality: You make a few new friends but miss home and spend most your time in your room doing homework or laying around with you best friend

Expectation: Im going to have such a productive day and clean my room or apartment!

Reality: Picks up a few clothes off the floor and calls it good.

Feel free to comment below on some of your expectations you had when coming to college and what the reality turned out to be. We'd love to hear all about them!