The Essential Planner for Your First Year of College

It’s your first year in college. Your days are filled with excitement and dreams of what’s to become of your future. There are a ton of new things that you have the opportunity to do and participate in but you don’t have the heavy obligations of a college senior yet. You haven’t been forced to settle on your major and you’re probably still taking your general education courses, so classes seem easy enough. Some days you feel like you have too much time and some days you have none at all. Every day is at your disposal. You get to decide what to do with your time. Planning that time out, however, is not always easy.

Planning can be an important factor to your success in college, so learning how to plan properly from day one is crucial. You could be like many and buy a cheap calendar, tack it on your wall and scribble things across it when you get home and remember, or, you could take the easy route. The route that not every freshman gets the luxury of learning about. Luckily for you, I’m here to let you in on a little secret: Erin Condren can make the planning part of your crazy-life a breeze.

Who is Erin Condren? You ask. Let me tell you: Erin Condren is the designer of a planner that will actually change the way you plan your life. Navigate to her online site where you can choose from many different types of planners, and personalize them to fit your style.

Although Erin Condren has designed many planners, one specific one stands out for the first year experience. This is the 5”x8” Lifeplanner with the horizontal layout.

Size matters

You know what they say: “Size doesn’t matter!” Well in this case (and many others) that’s not true! This planner is small and designed to be portable, so it’s easy to slip in your purse or backpack and bring it with you to class, advisor meetings, doctors’ appointments, and your hair salon! The convenience of this planner is worth every penny. And the little things? They matter.

Money matters

Speaking of pennies, this designer planner costs only $21. That is nearly half the price of many other designer planners, which makes it very cost effective for that broke-dorm-life.

Style matters

The adorable cover design of this cute little planner will make actually make your heart explode with happiness– and all of your friends jealous. That’s right: Carrying this planner around will make you look stylish and put together ­– exactly the reputation you need when you’re first starting your college days.

Simplicity matters

With both monthly and weekly note pages, the internal design of this planner is simple, which is exactly what you need at this point in your life: some simplicity. Save the complicated planners for your upper classman years when you barely have time to stop for a cup of coffee between meetings, presentations, appointments, and events.

Using this planner will help to ease your mind by keeping you organized and in style for your entire first year. You’re only a freshman once, so go out and get one today! Hey HC girls, let us know how much you love your Erin Condren Lifeplanner in the comment box below.