Easter Ideas for Adults Who Just Want to Be Kids

Easter is right around the corner and usually, it is all about the kids, but now the adults can have just as much fun too. Here are a few Easter ideas that are sure to be a hit with the older crowd!

  1. 1. Easter Egg Jello Shots

    I recommend filling up colorful plastic eggs with your favorite jello shot recipe! This is always a super festive and fun way to go all out for the evening.

  2. 2. Wine Hunt

    Girls clinking wine glasses

    I recently saw a TikTok video where a family had all their adult children over and the parents literally hid full-size bottles of wine all over the yard. The family did not go with traditional baskets to hold the wine, instead, they grabbed wine carriers at the grocery store to collect the bottles! I feel like this could be a fun idea to try out with some friends or family members.

  3. 3. Liquor Bottles

    You will need some larger eggs for this idea but I would try filling the eggs with everyone’s favorite liquor bottles. You could also customize the outside of the eggs too for your friends!

  4. 4. Crafter’s Basket

    watercolor set with paintbrushes and notebook on wooden table

    I love to craft and being creative is such a great outlet. Create a crafter's basket with some scrapbook stickers, paints, yarn, or a specific art form that a friend would adore. 

  5. 5. Baker’s Basket

    Fill this basket with a fun Easter or spring-themed spatula, edible decorations, and a cookie or cake mix to give to a friend or loved one. This idea is great for the whole season of spring and everyone loves to bake a little something sweet!

  6. 6. Man Basket

    Shopping for men is the hardest job, but try making your boo a basket filled with items they will find useful such as new tools to add to the collection, duct tape cause every man needs it, and car cleaning accessories because their vehicles are their babies. 

  7. 7. Gardening Basket

    tulips in bloom

    For the green thumb that is currently in your life, make a festive basket filled with a cute pot and spring plant, small gardening accessories, and a gift card to Lowe’s or Home Depot. I feel like this is one of the best spring gifts that someone could receive!

  8. 8. Scratch Tickets

    person holding $100 Dollar bills

    This is a great filler for any plastic egg. Go with the $1 scratch tickets so you can hide a few around for hunting! There is still the possibility of winning big on a holiday!

Even though Easter is mainly for the kids, we can always put a creative spin on the holiday so that we can have just as much fun as they do. Share these unique ideas with your friends so that everyone can enjoy the season of spring!