Don't F**K with Cats Review

If there was one thing that has been getting us all through this crazy quarantine, it is Netflix documentaries. 

First, it was the Tiger King and that floral headband wearing, wicked witch of the east bike riding, Carole Baskin. Another, was the Netflix documentary "Don't F**K with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer".

Before sitting down and watching this, I had so many people telling me, "You need to watch this, it will literally blow your mind." I watch almost every crime documentary that comes out, so in the beginning, I believed it was not likely. Man was I wrong. 

This entire documentary follows a Facebook group trying to track down the person who uploaded a video of a man in a hoodie torturing kittens. If that sentence doesn't send chills down your spine, just wait. These people were able to find this man (I will not reference his name in case you wish to watch it) simply by Google Maps, and a vacuum cleaner they found in his apartment.

Laptop and Phone Photo by Austin Distel from Unsplash  I watched this documentary in one day. Now, there are only three episodes but it is a lot to take in at once and if you are someone who has a sensitive stomach, or you are not keen on violence, I would give yourself more time to watch this or refrain from watching it altogether. 

As I have said before, I watch a lot of crime documentaries. Everything from the murderous charmer Ted Bundy to the cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. This one was even too much for me at times. I had to pause the episode and really take everything in and process it before I could continue watching. It is not a documentary you are going to be able to turn away from. You are going to be hooked the entire time, I guarantee it. Once you reach the end, you are going to want to pop open a very expensive bottle of wine and congratulate your brain and your heart for getting through it. 

Daphne drinking Netflix /

I hope you have all been well and keep safe! Look out for next week's Wildcat Book of the Month with an interview from MB Thurman!