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Disability Services at Central Washington University

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

CWU Disability Services 

Where do I start with Central Washington Disability Services, I tried to work with them with my high school I.E.P. and I got an appointment to talk to someone about getting accommodations to have a better chance of passing classes. Don’t get me wrong that I am doing great in college as a Junior at CWU and the college still can’t get my accommodations for my classes when I struggle with understanding a topic I have to work three times harder than a normal student to understand it. 

Getting the Help 

The college talks about how it wants to help the students but takes almost a time since me graduating from college and I am still struggling. For example from my I.E.P. I can get the timers off my test so I can have time to think about how to solve the problem and work it out on a sheet of paper. I understand being low staff but I hear the stories of people getting denied their accommodations even though a 504 is medical documentation and an I.E.P. is government documentation, so why is the school not following the law and having people wait forever to get the accommodations people need? 

Medical Accommodations 

I want to talk about getting accommodation for a medical problem to help me live independently as much as I can. Years before coming to CWU they had a parking pass for people who need a close parking spot so that it would be easier to get to class or walk to their dorm hall. I have a broken back and even though I have medications that help but still fighting to get a close spot in the winter with black ice on the ground to snow me falling isn’t an option for me since I wouldn’t be able to get back up. I think we should bring the parking passes back for people who have a disability to help them since the college is already hard to walk around with the potholes while driving to walking long distances from class to the dorm which is on the other side of campus. 

I am not here to talk for everyone but I agree with the fact that the university doesn’t listen to the college students who worked so hard to get to college and prove the point of staging up all night to study to be able to just get a C on a test to even get a C- just to pass and keep the GPA up enough to come here to college and doing it all over again to graduate college. To be I think the college is setting up the students to fail when they offer disability services.

Hi am Lauren I am from Poulsbo WA, I am a junior this year majoring in social services and minoring in Law and Justice. I work a full time job at Central Washington Disability Resources helping people who self identify with a disability find housing or get on social security disability or even apply for food stamps. I enjoy writing topics about people with disabilities and laws around woman’s rights.