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Designing Spaces to Thrive

Just like every other college student preparing to move into their first dorm, I pinned dozens of images of what I dreamed my dorm room would turn out looking like. Though I did not have the budget or the desire to reach #dormroomgoals level, I did know that I wanted a space that felt open, clean and organized. My bedroom at home is scatted with childhood memories and overflow closet items so I was ready to design a space that had a clean slate.

As college progressed I moved a total of 4 times (not recommended) so I had a lot of different bedrooms to decorate. Now as much of a hassle as it was to pack up and move all my things every year, I secretly love the challenge of figuring out how to set up a room that will work best for me. Designing spaces that allow me to be creative and productive is a top 3 priority for me simply because I know the amount of hours I will be spending there. I want to get it right not only so it looks nice when others see it, but also because the majority of the time I am going to be the one that has to stare at the wall or see how my closet is organized. And I never want there to be a time where my space distracts me from getting what I need to do done. 

It may sound cliche to say this, but living in clutter spaces actually makes my brain cluttered. I am probably cleaner than your average person, but I still have piles of clothes that build up and miscellaneous objects that end up staying on my dresser for weeks because I am too lazy to put them back. But if I let these things build up for a long period fo time, I can become distracted when I am doing homework or a test and then I’m thinking more about that than I am my schoolwork. After 4 years I think I’ve found a few ways to avoid that feeling, by using just a few simple (and cheap) tricks to create a space for you to thrive in.

Soft Lighting

Soft lighting is THE BEST. Ever tried doing homework with a bright computer screen and bright overhead lights? Headaches for days. Soft lighting is easier on your eyes so when it comes to winding down for bed you will be in less of a shock going dark to light. It’s also super calming and pretty! Who doesn’t love a good twinkle? I got mine from Target for $2.

Pretty Storage

I have as much extra random stuff and anyone else, so finding pretty ways to store those things you don’t use every day is key. Utilize the space under your bed for things that will fit, and invest in those cheap but stylish bins to hold the rest. This is such a game changer if you have extra random things just laying around! I got mine from Fred Meyer for about $10.

All White Everything

This may be more personal preference, but all white bedding can make a room like so much bigger and mature. If you can keep it clean, white bedding is one of the best staples for any clean room. You can bring in color with sheets, throw blankets or pillows! I’ve had my comforter for about 3 years from Amazon, about $60.

Don’t Clutter Your Walls

Keeping your walls mostly open helps you not feel trapped in your space. A simple group of photos or a single statement piece are great ways to accent the wall, but not overtake it. This is especially important if you have a small room! Don’t close yourself in with overdecorating, in this case, less is more. I have a single 2 foot arrow above my bed, $25 at Hobby Lobby.

Now I am no Joanna Gaines, (though I strive to be) but these few things have totally transformed my space and it is now my favorite place to spend time during the day. A few small tweaks to your current set up can completely change the feel of your room and give your brain the mid-quarter refresh it needs!

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