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Dealing With Mental Slumps

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

As we stumble our way through adulting, we can sometimes feel as though all we are doing is falling only to get back up and fall back down again. It can be repetitive, exhausting, and even frustrating to be stuck in these slumps that never seem to go away. We always hear that it’s normal to have ups and downs, but that’s not always helpful to hear, is it? Sometimes we need a little more than the classic “it will pass” response. So, here’s some advice to those who prefer the “facing this sh*t head-on” approach. These are 10 ways to help lessen or get you out of the mental slumps:

Support system

Yes, I know you’ve heard it a million times. But having people to talk to is so incredibly important (and I will never shut up about it!). You deserve to get those things off your chest, and it’s healthy to let it all out every once in a while. Whether it’s with friends or family (or both), find someone you trust, your “ride or die” if you have one, and let them know what’s going on. That way you not only allow those things to get off your chest, but you also allow yourself to process them, and have the opportunity to tackle them with someone by your side. You can even make a whole day out of making each other feel better, like throwing on comfy clothes, grabbing some drinks and snacks, and just having a ranting session together.

Goddess baths/showers

What better way to make yourself feel better than to treat yourself like an absolute goddess? Break out the candles, the bath salts, the crystals, that fancy scrub for special occasions, the yummy-smelling lotions and go all out! Make taking care of yourself a ritual. Show yourself that you deserve and are capable of giving yourself the princess treatment. 

journal to understand your feelings

This coincides with the “ranting session” with your support system, but this is another way to get those feelings out of you. However, this isn’t just a pity party, “dear diary, life sucks” kind of journal entry (although a little wallowing is definitely good every once in a while). This is a chance to process and understand what exactly is happening in your mind; What’s causing it and how it’s manifesting. Figuring these things out will help you validate your own experiences and find more specific ways to help yourself.

Buy yourself treats, you deserve it!

Even if it’s small, sometimes all we need is a good old pick-me-up to chase away the blues. Whether that’s a cute outfit that makes you feel like your confident, beautiful self, or a sweet treat from your favorite bakery, it’s always nice to treat yourself when you’re feeling low.

Spend extra time with yourself

This can look like a variety of different things. You can spend some time outside alone in nature, you could experiment with some fancy hairdos or makeup looks for a creative outlet and a boost of confidence. Romanticize your day any chance you get…the world is your oyster! Do things with the intention of spending time with YOU. Give yourself some attention and love.


You, my dear, are simply amazing. Make sure you’re telling yourself what a beautiful, sexy, wonderful person you are. You can do this in your head every once in a while, or to counteract when you are having some negative self-talk, or you can even do the classic standing in front of the mirror and chanting “I am beautiful”. The process is subjective, but sometimes we need a little reminding of the positive aspects of ourselves. 

Move your body and be outside, try going someplace new or somewhere that brings you joy.

Let’s face it, laying in bed all day watching YouTube and TikTok might feel good at first, but it’s not always the most helpful. Sitting in your room all day can cause you to get stuck inside your head a little bit. Make sure you are getting enough stimulation and fresh air, and that your body is getting enough movement. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times from a thousand different people when you’re trying to feel better, but it’s true. Besides, even if it doesn’t work (which I believe it will, but for the sake of argument,) at least you can feel better about being productive and getting in that workout! 

Let your inner child have a moment

There’s a little kiddo in all of our hearts, and sometimes all they need is a little love and attention. So make them happy! Do some arts and crafts, make little flower crowns and play out in nature, find cool bugs and draw on yourself. Have some wholesome fun and simplify things for a moment.

Cut yourself some slack

Listen, your best will change each day, you can’t expect yourself to keep go go going at the same intensity as when you started if you have no energy left. Give yourself hugs and cozy up if you need to. Understand that we are all moving through life at our own paces; just because your journey looks different than someone else’s doesn’t mean you aren’t doing a good job.

Do something you’re good at for a confidence boost

It can be frustratingly easy to fall into bad thinking habits, especially when they center around performance or self-worth. Sometimes, simply telling yourself that you are talented or capable just isn’t enough. So try to think of some things you’re good at and do them as proof against those negative thoughts. You are talented and capable! We just need a little reminder sometimes. 

Hey, my name is Jordan! I have a passion for advocating for mental health and anything artsy. I like discussing deeper topics in an open and casual way, and making heavy matters feel less daunting and lonely. On the lighter side, I love nature, animals, shopping, and romance novels too!