Coming Soon To a Theater Near You

With winter hopefully coming to an end soon and daylights savings starting, everyone is going to need more late night activities to do in order to finally get out of the house! With multiple blockbuster movies coming to theaters soon, what better way to spend your time than relaxing with your friends for a few hours and enjoying some of this seasons biggest hits.


Captain Marvel

The first movie on the list is Captain Marvel which runs for 2 hours and 12 minutes and will be premiering March 8th. Starring Brie Larson the movie depicts Captain Marvels journey as she gets caught between a galactic war caused by two alien races. This will be Marvel's first cinematic introduction of the “Captain Marvel” character. I have a feeling this movie will not disappoint.


Five Feet Apart

This movie runs for 1 hour and 56 minutes and will be premiering March 15th. Starring Cole Sprouse this movie follows the journey of Stella and Will as they journey through their shared Cystic Fibrosis illness. While an instant flirtation begins they soon find out because of their illness they can only ever stand five feet apart. This movie will be perfect for any Drama/Romance movie lovers!



Running at 2 hours and 1 minute this movie will be premiering on March 22nd. Starring Lupita Nyong’o this movie depicts the story of Adelaide Wilson and her family and they return to the home Adelaide grew up in. Haunted by a traumatic experience her worst fears soon become a reality. From the producers of “Get Out,” Us should be the Mystery/Thriller of the season!



Premiering on March 29th this live-action take on a classic depicts the life of the Elephant we all know and love. The owner of a struggling circus places the care of Dumbo onto a man and his two children, only to find out the newborn elephant has one special skill. He can fly! With the original Dumbo premiering in 1941 this Tim Burton-directed film should be a real treat for moviegoers.


Avengers: End Game

I am not sure how long this movie runs for but it is set to premiere on April 26th. Following the tragic events of Avengers: Infinity War, End Game follows the remaining Avengers as they attempt to bring back their vanquished allies in order to bring an end to Thanos and his tyranny across the universe. This will, unfortunately, be the last installment of the Avengers films.


Pokémon Detective Pikachu

This currently does not have a running time but it is set to premiere on May 10th. This movie follows the journey of a young man as he joins forces with Pikachu in order to discover the reason behind his father's disappearance.



 Again like Dumbo, this is a Disney live-action version of the once animated film. This musical follows the journey of Aladdin as he gains a wish-granting genie and the eyes of Princess Jasmine. The original Aladdin premiered in 1992 so I think it’s about time we see a new and fresh take on this popular Fantasy/Romance musical.

These upcoming films offer a variety of categories for any moviegoer to choose from. We have Mystery/Thrillers, Fantasy/Romance and also Science Fiction films to look forward to during this upcoming movie season. So make sure you fill up your popcorn and soda because these movies will have you glued to your seat. Happy movie going!