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Children’s Literature Every College Student Should Read

I recently was in the CWU library when I saw rows and rows of children’s literature. I picked up “From the Mixed-Up Files of Basel E. Frankweiler,” and as I was reading it I was reminded of how much I missed reading children/middle-grade books. I was thinking about all the great books I read growing up and compiled this list of books you are never too old to read.

Little House Series – This is a classic book series that hopefully most of us read growing up. You get to learn about what it was like to grow up from 1870 to 1894 with stories that are full of all the emotions and hardships of their time. 

Betsy-Tacy Series- What makes these books absolutely brilliant is that as the main characters grow up the books also increase with reading level/target audience age.

All the American Girl History Books – Okay these books are low-key good and full of so much information. I read these when I was a youngin’ but I read Molly’s Christmas over Christmas break and was reminded of how much I loved them. Honestly, such comfort reads.   

Ramona Books – I might be biased because these books were what made me fall in love with reading as a child but they are high-quality books that I highly recommend if you want a good laugh. 

Original nancy drew/hardy boys – I didn’t actually like these books when I was growing up but a picked one up a few years ago and LOVED it. Honestly so full of adventure and mystery that keeps you hooked throughout the entire book. 

Anne of Green Gables – Although these books are labeled as children’s literature, every college student should read the series. It’s such a classic is written so well and an absolutely beautiful story

From the Mixed-Up Files of Basel E. Frankweiler – Because this book made me want to read children’s/middle-grade books again.

My name is Clara and I am a student at CWU studying food science & nutrition. I hope to one day become a pediatric dietitian and maybe have a few chickens. In my free time, I love to read, create bullet journal spreads and edit videos.