The Caffeine Queen of HC CWU

Have you ever met someone with the determination to teach themselves how to juggle in less than 5 hours? Well then let me introduce you to HCCWU's own Caffine Queen, Taylor Cash.

T-Cashy is from Boise, Idaho and would not let you forget it. She is obsessed with Boise state University but we know her heart truly lies her at Central. Taylor doesn't start her day without a White Chocolate Americano and an inspirational bible verse. Taylor is very active in the Christian community here at CWU, attending Salt and a ton of other activities every week! Givng back and being a member of a postive community, commited to spreading love is right up Taylor's ally. Most impotantly, she is a dog mom to two pups, proud aunt to Butter Boo and loves her a Corgi bum. 

Taylor was captain of her high school cheer team and a CWU Cheerleader for 2 years! She is a Family Studies and Child Life major and she is extremely passionate about helping children and their families handle and cope with tough situations. Taylor is one of the founding members of Her Campus CWU and has been the Events Director since we launched October 2016. After she graduates this June, she plans on moving to the west side of Washington and starting her life in the beautiful PNW and eventually plans to move back home to Boise. 

Taylor is called passionate and selfless by all of her friends. She is one of the kindest and most open hearted people, this was was reflected when she was asked what she would do if she won $1,000. Her reply 

"I would donate it to orphans.. I didn't make that money so it's only right for me to give it to people that need it."

This bubbly and kind hearted girl hopes to one day travel the world and help children from different countries all around the globe, with her education she received here at CWU. Now that she has gained expereince in her education and at Her Campus CWU, she is looking forward to all that the world has to offer. Taylor is has a kind and determined heart that we know will take her very far. 

We here at Her Campus CWU have been so fortunate to have someone like Taylor be part of our team and are looking forward to supporting her and seeing what this babe is going to do next!