Brain Food That Will Keep You Going Through Finals

Finals; we all dread them and finals week can be the most stressful week of the quarter. Usually studying to get through the week consists of eating way too much pizza, sugary coffee and energy drinks. 

Having to many carbohydrates, like Pizza and other fast foods can make you feel more lethargic, which will hinder your success in studying for all of the finals you have. Also, drinking sugary coffees and energy drinks can spike your blood sugar, which means you may feel good for a couple of hours, but then there is the crash and there is no way in coming back from that. Here are some examples of “brains foods” that will help you stay energized for your week ahead in studying for those dreadful finals!

1.    Nuts

Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews contain high levels of essential fatty acids. These types of fats help your brain perform at its optimal level while letting more oxygen flow to the brain. This can lead to a better ability to retain information and memorize it. So snack on some nuts while your studying!

2.    Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is proven to improve memory and increase blood flow, which then increases your alertness and will keep you engaged in your studying for longer. The darker the better, so if you have a sweet tooth, this is perfect!

3.    Green tea

Green tea is a great alternative to energy drink and coffees because it is loaded with antioxidants, while still providing caffeine that wont cause the jitters but it will still keep you energy up. Green tea will also improve you brain function and memory. So drink up while your memorizing those flash cards!

4.    Whole Grains

When thinking about eating simple carbohydrates like white bread and pasta, opt out for whole grains like brown rice, whole grain cereals, and oatmeal. Whole grains are is your brains main source of energy and let glucose into your bloodstream slower than simple carbohydrates do. Without a sufficient amount of whole grains you will have lack of energy through out the day and while you are studying. So make sure to eat whole grains with every meal and you will feel like you could study all day.

5.    Veggies

Veggies like broccoli and cauliflower are also good for brain health. Eating these types of vegetables is said to help you retain more content. Chopped veggies and hummus is a perfect snack break while studying.

6.    Avocados

Avocados; like nuts, are also high in fat, but the good kind of fat that helps gives your brain energy. Avocadoes are one of the healthiest fruits you can consume because they are low in sugar and also contain both Vitamin K and folate. These vitamins and minerals can help improve cognitive function and concentration. Spread an avocado on a piece of whole grain toast and you’ll be ready to attack your finals.


These as just some of the many foods that can help you be successful when studying for finals.  Ditch the pizza and redbull and opt out for foods that will feed your brain. Also make sure to stay hydrated and you will be read to tackle your finals.