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Spring break is here and since we’re all quarantined until who knows when, why not binge some Bob’s Burgers? This is a list of some of the best episodes to watch for the moods you’ll go through during this time of stress. Although you can’t currently find your favorite burger family on Netflix (at least not in the U.S.), all 10 seasons are alive and well on Hulu with a new episode being added every Monday at 12am for your viewing convenience! Bundle up, stay in and enjoy the handwashing seminar courtesy of Hugo the health inspector.

In need of a good laugh:

This is one episode per season of episodes that make me laugh no matter what. Whether it be from the hilarious ensemble cast of guest stars or the regular Belchers there is always something new happening.)

“Sexy Dance Fighting” (S1:E4)

“Beefsquatch” (S2:E9)

“Tinarannosaurus Wrecks” (S3:E7)

“The Frond Files” (S4:E12)

“The Millie-churian Candidate” (S5:E12)

“The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover” (S6:E6)

“Aquaticism” (S7:E14)

“Sit Me Baby One More Time” (S8:E4)

“P.T.A. It Ain’t So ‘(S9:E21)

“Yurty Rotten Scoundrels” (S10:E15)


In need of some music:

These are the most musical episodes of the show and oddly enough Linda doesn’t sing in them too much. Although we do get to hear a sick Louise warble a tune.

“Flu-ouise” (S7:E1)

“Glued, Where’s My Bob?” (S6:E19)

“Hamburger Dinner Theater” (S1:E5)

“Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl” (S5:E1)


Cheer you up:

Say you watched all of Cheer on Netflix then found out Daytona was canceled and your heart is just a little broken. This is the episode for you my friend.

“Gene It On” (S4:E20)


Want to watch a classic movie without the commitment:

These are some of the best plays on classic movies. If you feel like you’re missing out don’t worry any longer just watch these and I’m sure your friends will think you’ve seen all the greats.

“Bob Day Afternoon” (S2:E2)

“The Belchies” (S2:E1)

“O.T the Outside Toilet” (S3:E15)

“My Big Fat Greek Bob” (S4:E4)

“Can’t Buy Me Math” (S5:E11)

“Stand By Gene” (S6:E12)

“The Gran” (S8:E17)

“Bobby Driver” (S9:E6)

“All That Gene” (S10:E9)


Feeling like men ain’t shit:

Honestly, I hate Jimmy Jr. and these episodes remind me why. So if you ever need a reminder that guys suck go no further than these episodes with Jimmy Jerko and Up Skirt Kurt.

“Seaplane!” (S4:E3)

“Presto Tina-o” (S4:E10)

“The Equestranauts” (S4:E17)

“Ex Mach Tina” (S7:E8)

“UFO No You Didn’t” (S9:E9)

“Topsy” (S3:E16)

“V for Valentine-detta” (S8:E8)

I know times are a little crazy right now but Bob’s Burgers is a great show to remind anyone of the importance of not only hygiene (Hi Gene!) but also family. Quarantine over spring break is stressful but let Bob and his family remind you that no matter how crazy they make you, you still love them. Happy Spring break and stay healthy lovelies!


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