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Best Recipes for Starting Off Your 2021 Year Right

Now if you’re like me, in the very beginning of quarantine you created goals that you wanted to meet since we all had so much time at home. Mine was changing my eating habits and learning more about my favorite foods that not only taste good but make me feel good after I eat them. I started with the basics, smoothies for breakfast, having full meals and not snacking through the day, and actually adding fruits and vegetables to every meal even if it's small. 

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Let's start with some of the basics, ask yourself, are you drinking water every day? Are you moving your body every day? Are you putting your mental health over everything? If you said no to any of those things then I am going to need you to put this article on hold and come back when you can answer yes to all three of those questions.

Well if you’re reading past this point then I can only help that you’ve answered yes to all three of the questions asked above and I applaud you for that! I am going to be talking about a few recipes that became my favorites and then some that I think everyone just needs to know there are great healthy alternatives to some of your favorites! 

I have always loved foods that I can enjoy days after I make them and my first two recipes are ones that are not only great for meal prep but also both contain mostly vegetables! The first recipe is actually the first meal that I made during quarantine. It is Barbecued Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Food Network. Let me tell you these were a hit in my house, everyone loved them and we enjoyed them for multiple days since they hold up well for days on end. The next recipe is an amazing Chicken Tortilla Soup that will fill you up all night long. This soup also holds very well if you’re planning on using it for meal prep, my only recommendation is to not put any of your crushed tortillas in it until the day you’re going to eat it!

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Next, I have some recipes that aren’t meant for meal prep but they will definitely be fun to make and even better to enjoy! If you’re like me and really enjoy chicken then you’ll really like this next recipe. I love chicken and I love how there are so many different recipes that can come out of it, particularly my favorite chicken, Baked Teriyaki Chicken. Next up we have Skinny Mexican Street Tacos, now these can’t really compare to your normal taco truck tacos but they put up a good fight! Again these are not the best for meal prep but they will make you feel good after you eat them and will help you through your goals. The last recipe that I am going to talk about is a Caprese Salad. This is my favorite salad, especially in the summertime, with nice ripe heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Again this recipe is not the best for meal prep but if you separate all items then they will still be fresh the next day!

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Lastly, I am going to link below some extra recipes that are the best for still enjoying your breakfast treats but without the guilt! Here are a few of my favorites: 


Sheet Pan French Toast 

Bacon-Wrapped Egg Cups  

I hope some of these delicious and nutritional recipes inspire you to try out new foods for the new year! Let us know here at Her Campus CWU what your new goals are for 2021!

Henley is a freshman at Central Washington University and is trying to find her passion. As a freshman, she is still looking into what career path she is interested in. Some of her interests include going to the gym, watching movies, cooking/baking, and just hanging out with friends!
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