The Best Food Alternatives For Vegetarians

I made the switch to become vegetarian two years ago (or pescatarian because I still eat fish) and with that switch came a whole new world of food. Because you’re not consuming meat, it can be difficult to consume the right amount of nutrients your body needs. However, I have found a couple of tried and true brands that are always in my fridge or freezer that leave me feeling satisfied without having to eat actual meat. If you’re looking to try out vegetarian food alternatives, then check them out below! I also included my favorite vegan condiments because I like to incorporate vegan things in my diet as well!


Morning Star Farms

The Morning Star brand has a great variety of meatless options. From “Ground Beef”, “Morning Sausage” and “Corn Dogs”, the Morning Star brand is a vegetarian one stop shop for all things meatless. They also offer some vegan options which are great if you don’t want to consume animal products. Vegetarian food is notoriously expensive however, Morning Star offers tasty and wholesome food for a relatively affordable price.


Impossible Burger

My biggest struggle with being vegetarian is going out with friends or having a family get together where the two things always on the menu are hotdogs and hamburgers. There are hundreds of places in Washington that offer an Impossible burger on their menu, three reside in Ellensburg. The burger is plant-based and emphasizes its lack of fat and fewer calories than a standard burger.


Earth Balance

Earth Balance is a brand that focuses on plant-based products and is my go-to brand for condiments. They have multiple “Butter” options from Original, Soy-free and butter sticks used for baking. Mayonnaise dressings, Nut butter, and snacks and crackers. I always have butter and mayonnaise in my fridge from Earth Balance and I promise they are exact replicas of the non-vegan options. Their site even offers recipe ideas for all their products.

Whether you just decided to turn vegetarian or vegan these three brands that offer a variety of plant-based foods is a good place to start when you need to stock your fridge. If you’re interested in what these brands have to offer, check them out in the links below!