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Best 5 Movies To Watch When You Really Need To Cry

Between midterms, internships and whatever love life we do (or don't) have, sometimes its nice to have a good cry on our own terms. Which is totally okay. It’s that time of the year, where we all feel like crawling in to bed and shedding a little tear or two. No worries though, you are not alone. Whether it takes a forbidden love story or the fate of a golden retriever, we have your fix. Here are the best 5 movies to watch when you need to let go and let those tears out. 

The Fault In our Stars 

When Hazel reads her eulogy to Gus, towards the end of the movie gets me every time. This scene tugs on the heart strings. 

Marley & Me

If you are a dog lover, grab the tissues because this movie will make you cry your eyes out. The ending is a heartache. 


This movie is so adorable, but right off the bat the beginning of this movie has me shedding a couple of tears. 

Bridge to Terabithia 

You know when its a sad movie when your boyfriend cries when Jesse finds out what happened to Leslie. My heart breaks at that scene. 

The Notebook 

Everything. Just the whole movie has me in happy tears, to sad tears, just a big puddle of emotions. 

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