Is Becoming a YouTuber as Great as it Seems?

I’m sure everyone has heard at some point in their life, “Hey Guys! What’s up? Welcome back to my channel.” By some of their favorite Youtubers such as LaurDiy, Niki and Gabi, Eva Gutowski, Logan Paul, etc. YouTube is such a diverse platform with people all over the world sharing content about beauty, lifestyle, vlogs, fitness routines, you name it YouTube's got it. Since there is a lot of diverse content on YouTube, it attracts a lot of kids to find their niches. After seeing all of the fame, money, and trips that come along with this “career”, they begin to dream that they will also become successful, and it becomes their dream job. 


It seems like a pretty easy job to just post videos with an exciting thumbnail and get a bunch of views. After you post videos, you might get sponsored by a company for the simplest products like a shampoo that you have to promote in your video for thirty seconds to get paid thousands of dollars. Then, eventually, you’ll work out a contract to promote their products every few months in your videos and social media posts. It's a win-win process because you keep making money while the company gains more attention because of the coupon code they give you. 


You’ll get famous with millions of people all over the world loving you. You’ll get to travel the world and meet fans, get to attend red carpets, win teen choice awards, act in movies, even attend a fashion week hosted by Louis Vuitton. You will go on trips with companies and explore different countries, promote your movies, and do photo shoots all over the world. Who wouldn’t want to do a job that’s this perfect? … 


Although becoming a YouTuber comes with a bunch of significant opportunities. Kids don’t realize is how much negativity that comes up with opening your life online. You get tons of hate comments, don’t gain recognition for at least 6 or more years, only the most popular creators get flown out to other countries, and a lot of people in the Hollywood industry are fake and can lead you to become lonely and having no friends. 

Becoming a YouTuber has its pros with all of the traveling and fame that comes with it as well as the cons such as negativity and bullying online, but in my opinion, you should definitely have a backup plan in case making videos doesn’t work in your favor.

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