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Is the Beauty Subscription Service Ipsy Worth the Hype?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Although many of us are not wearing makeup right now due to quarantine measures, there is still nothing like receiving little beauty products to brighten your day. Whether you are making a quick trip to the store to buy your beauty must-have or you have cosmetics awaiting you in the mailbox, makeup can be an amazing pick me up for gloomy days. I have been a member of the beauty subscription service Ipsy over the past three years and from that amount of time I have only had satisfying positive experiences with this company. There are many beauty lovers that need to learn more about this service, but also college students who are looking to save money while treating themselves.

What is Ipsy?

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Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that provides samples to all your favorite cosmetic and beauty companies. For $12 a month you will receive a cute decorated glam bag that includes five sample-sized products and you will be able to rate these items based on your personal satisfaction before your next glam bag ships. These highly-regarded products that are based on your company preferences and a personality quiz range from hair and skin care, perfume, beauty tools, and cosmetics. Once you receive your glam bag you will find useful tips on how to apply your desired product through the Ipsy website and you will also learn more information about the awesome qualities of your makeup. Ipsy strives to keep every glam bag unique by choosing diverse products every month, but the bag will also include some of your personal preferences.

Pros and Cons of Ipsy

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There are a couple pros and cons to every monthly subscription service, but because Ipsy is all about beauty care and trying to find the best beauty matches for you, it is important that you as the consumer find satisfaction in all the items that you receive.

Pros: You can now choose one of your five sample products every month from a list of available options. This month I chose a liquid lipstick from Tarte and I cannot wait to try it! Another great feature of having a subscription with Ipsy is receiving points for reviewing your products. Once you receive your monthly products and you have tried out the items, you have an opportunity to rate what you think of your beauty supplies and from reviewing your products you gain points. These points overtime accumulate to receiving an extra item in your glam bag!

Cons: Unfortunately, subscriptions are not free and for $12 a month you would only receive five sample-sized products. You might feel like your money could go towards something else and that purchasing small sample products every month is not worth it. If full-size makeup is something you desire Ipsy also offers larger glam bags at a higher cost. Being a college student, I know that saving money is very important, so I do not choose to upgrade my bag because I do not want to eventually end up broke. Another feature of Ipsy that can be rather disappointing is that you are not guaranteed every month to receive products from well-known cosmetic companies. I would say from my personal experience that I receive at least two products a month from companies I am familiar with. I am content with the cheapest option because I know that I am still receiving quality products, but for some makeup lovers not having many name brands can be dissatisfying.

Overall Personal Opinion

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Being a dedicated subscriber to Ipsy for over three years, I feel that the products are overall satisfying for a relatively low price. What I value most about Ipsy is their honesty behind the quality of their chosen products. The company provides some products that are cruelty-free and vegan, and they work to support all skin types. I love still having a reason to be excited about the mail and I love collecting all my previous glam bags to share with friends. If you are someone that is very adventurous with makeup and you love to try on the newest products in the market, then I would definitely recommend trying out an Ipsy subscription.

Hopefully, this article provided you with more information about Ipsy subscriptions and helps guide your future decisions to try out new makeup and treat yourself!

Leslie is the Vice President and Chief Editor for Her Campus Central Washington University. As a senior at CWU studying English Literature, she hopes to one day become an investigative journalist. Her many interests include playing tennis, watching The Office, and traveling. Leslie is from Issaquah, Washington and she has been writing for Her Campus for two years.