Beauty School Drop Out: 3 Day Curls

The beauty of curling your hair is that you can look like you did something even if you did nothing at all. What they didn’t tell you growing up it that if you’re a busy bitch with the right products, you can not do your hair for three days and still create the illusion that you have your shit together.

Here are my best tips for curl reservation!

Day 1

What I Use:

¾ Inch Curling Iron

Heat Protectant: L’Oreal Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray

Hairspray: Herbal Essence “Set Me Up” level 4

Paddle brush: The Wet Brush

Serum: Organix Keratin Repairing Serum  


Today you’re waking up early and getting shit done. I recommend Day 1 for a Sunday night or a Monday morning so you can set the tone for the week. Depending on the length and volume of your hair, this can be a task and starting now until Wednesday (at least) this is the most time you will spend on your hair. Talk about strong time management.


Heat protectant If you aren’t at least putting heat protectant on your hair every time you curl it, you’re wrong. At just know that your hair stylists notices and is judging.


Curling Iron: Curl your hair with any size wand, but I will warn you, the smaller the want, the longer your curls will last.

I like to split my hair into two section (horizontally) and curl the top half and the bottom half away from my face. Pro Tip: For more volume, alternate your curling direction with each curl, While ALWAYS curling the front curls away from your face.


Hair Spray: After your whole head is done, shake those curls like a polaroid picture and spray em down with your favorite hair spray. I recommend a touchable but maximum hold hair spray to avoid crunchy curls but will still stay all day.


Moisturizing Serum: NEVER PUT OIL IN YOUR HAIR BEFORE YOU USE HEAT. Think of a french fry in hot vegetable oil, you don’t want your ends to have any relation to that example.

But to keep your hair dewy and repair it from the recently applied heat, rub some moisturizing serum!


Day 2:


Alright, your curls have been lived in and slept on. Here’s what to do:


Paddle Brush: If you are a crazy sleeper; gently brush those curls and let them turn into the beachy waves they were born to be. (If your hair is not naturally curly, you can add some sea salt spray, if it is, tick to the triple sec.. trust me)


Curling Iron: Spray in a little heat protectant, set your curling iron to a low setting and spruce up any curls that may have lost their way.


Texturizing Spray: Depending on your scalps oil production (ew) you may not be quite ready for dry shampoo so Triple Sec is here to nurse those curls back to life.


Serum: Feel free to add some moisturizing/repairing serum for good measure.


Day 3:

At this point if you aren’t reaching for the dry shampoo, you are lying to yourself. But, the beauty of day 3 is that it is the best day-to-night situation you can put your hair in.

Your mane has a nice subtle wave at this point, straighter on the top and subtle waves on the bottom. Plus, all the volume in the world because of all the product you’ve gassed into your roots.

Dry Shampoo: Get those roots under control


Paddle Brush: Gently brush out what is left of your waves for style and volume


Texturizing Spray: Evaluate where volume is needed and apply accordingly.


This is the most ideal going out hair because it is dirty enough to hold a semi truck, let alone a curl, so you won’t have to worry at all about them falling out during the night.


The beauty of 3 day waves is it not only cuts down on time but it also cuts down on heat application to those luscious locks! Now this method is not goof proof. This is what works best for my hair and most of my friends, depending on your hair texture, scalp and a ton of other factors, this may not work like a charm for every hair type so try it out and see what works best for you!


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