Are Extra Gum Commercials Actually Extra?

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Have you ever been watching a tv show and all of a sudden a commercial turns on and you are more emotionally invested in the commercial than you are with your TV show? Yup, that’s how over the top Extra Gum commercials are. 

Typically, for a product like gum, you wouldn’t think that a gum commercial would make you shed a tear or two. The Extra Gum company went over the top to make the consumer feel like every time they share or have a piece of gum it will bring a sense of firsts and togetherness. I mean when I ask for a piece of gum in my head it’s because I have bad breath but this commercial went past the point of the actual use of gum and into something more.

The newest addition to the Extra Gum family is the Extra Refreshers! Extra Gum prides itself on creating and building meaningful connections and sparking kindness by implementing the motto of giving Extra to get so much more in return. This new and mighty gum comes in three different flavors of spearmint, tropical mist, and polar ice.

So what is the answer you may ask? Is it Extra Gum commercials really that extra? Yes, the answer is yes. Any commercial that I cry in is most definitely extra. For those who have not seen The Story of Sarah and Juan (yeah, this commercial went hard, the charters have names) please click the link below. Grab a tissue box, and get ready for the two-minute movie.