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Amazon is Life, Here’s Why

With the new school year starting, life is already crazy. Class work is already over the top and plus your fridge is empty. You literally have no time to go to the grocery store because you have that essay you have been putting off all week due at midnight and you work until 5. What can you do? Have no fear, Amazon is here.

You can now buy your groceries on Amazon, and they will literally deliver them to your front door. No more driving to the store, forgetting that grocery list, or forgetting those batteries that’s been on your list for a month now, Amazon will not forget. You can literally get ANYTHING you need at the tip of your fingers. Lying in bed, during that one break you have between class, anywhere.

Not only does Amazon keep things on your shopping list, they also notify you when those things on your list are on sale. Plus, you will always have free shipping with student prime! Now who doesn’t love saving money? Amazon is life you guys! Hop on that prime life and life will become much easier.

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