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Trisha Paytas, you’re either her biggest fan or you completely despise her, there is no in-between. She is one of the popular and longest-standing YouTubers on the platform today. Since 2007, Paytas has been making a wide array of videos on her channel, and with around 4.9 million subscribers, she tends to cater to a large audience. Now, I wrote an article about Paytas back in November, when she was involved in a handful of serious scandals. Well here we are a couple of months later, and she has found her way back to every Tea Spill channel. In case you don’t remember, back in November Trisha, came out as transgender, claimed to have a borderline personality disorder, got married to a cardboard cutout of Brad Pitt, and had some beef with Gabbie Hanna. Well since then, things calmed down for a little bit as she was moving into a new home. But now the tea is scorching hot and Trisha has been causing a lot of attention lately, so it was only fitting I make a part two.   

Nikocado Avocado and Stephanie Soo  

Back in January of this year, a mukbanger called Stephanie Soo made a very long video in where she discusses her fear for another YouTuber named Nikocado Avocado. Stephanie makes claims of Nik being manipulative and making her feel bad about herself. And for most people, this isn't a big deal, but she is a victim of sexual assault and these feelings that he was causing were triggering to her. Well during this whole ordeal, Trisha thought that being Nik’s friend, it was her place to bash and dismiss Stephanie’s video. Not only did Trisha become met with immense hate of her first video, but she also continued to make videos that had no place on the arguments being made by Soo. Trisha’s arguments were not valid with what was going on, it really wasn’t her place to degrade Stephanie, a person she barely knew. Although she stopped making videos, she continued to post horrible, degrading things about Soo on Instagram.   

New Platform  

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After all the drama blew over with the making community, Trisha decided to expand her content onto an 18+ website called OnlyFans. On this platform, she receives money via subscriptions and tips and in return makes videos of herself doing not so PG things. OnlyFan, a company based out of London, England, is on the rise for social media influencers who want to make some more money and have an obscured amount of confidence in their body. Although Trish hasn’t gotten any hate for this, she is very open about it on her YouTube channel, and some of her fans are wondering if this is appropriate for YouTube?  

New Podcast  

With her new move to a spacious house, Trisha finally had the time and space to make a podcast, where she could talk to fellow influencers. The Podcast is called The Dish with Trish, and it has been getting lots of support. This could be in part because of the guestlist for the show being Shane Dawson and his friends. I know personally, I have been watching the podcast, not because I hate myself, but because it is entertaining to watch the guest and their reactions to Trisha being Trisha. So, if you have about an hour to kill, I recommend at a minimum, the Jeffree Star episode, because it is quite good, in my opinion.   


Along with creating and staring in her own podcast, Trisha has been seen in now two more episodes of the H3H3 Podcast. Now this quite surprising since the last time Trish was on this podcast, it wasn’t positive, due to Ethan Kline, not being a fan, but yet a hater. Unlike most of their episodes, this one was set up to be like an episode of the Bachelor, but instead of going out and meeting people, fans of the show were encouraged to send in audition tapes to which Trisha would pick a handful of men to talk to via webcam. The first episode was not half bad and was perceived as well. The second was met with some hate due to Trisha bring up some drama she is having with YouTuber Anthony Padilla, we will get into that. In the second installment, Trisha goes through the submissions and picks a few to call, however, it is evident that H3 is just teasing her with bad submissions and rude contestants to get a rise out of Trish. I’m surprised that there will be a part three because the whole thing is clearly not real and just a publicity stunt for the podcast.   

What DID She Do?  

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On March 12th, 2020, Ms. Paytas released a video, called Meet My Alters, Dissociative Identity Disorder. Okay, so in this video, Trisha takes it upon herself to diagnose a mental disorder that is quite common and usually not public. In case you don’t know, Dissociative Identity Disorder, or sometimes misunderstood as Multiple Personality Disorder, is a disorder where the brain cannot connect all of your personalities due to repeated childhood trauma, whereas most people combine all of their personalities around seven or eight years old. Your brain is unable to be aware of all your trauma, so to protect the individual, it separates into different “identities” or alters. When the person has this, there are usually unaware that they have it, due to amnesia being the most common symptom of this disorder. So, Trish, made a video, essentially stating that she has always had this disorder and that she was too afraid to share it with the internet because “...people who have this disorder are crazy”. Fans were questioning Trisha’s legitimacy due to Anthony Padilla, another substantial YouTuber known from his work on Smosh, made a video where he interviewed people with DID just days before Trisha’s video. Padilla, after seeing Trish’s video, took to Instagram, where he stated that Trisha was spreading lies and looking for attention, he then plugged his video for more “accurate” information. In her original video, Trish calls out a YouTuber named Nin, her channel being DisociaDID she is centered on DID videos and awareness. Trish was mocking DID and said that she was too open about it to the point where she thought that she was faking it. Nin went on to make a video calling out Trish. Seconds after Nin’s video went up, Trish made a video where she allegedly caught herself “switching alters” on camera. This is painful to watch because it really seems staged, many fans wondered why we hadn't seen her “switch” before in one of her two-hour-long mukbangs? Then Trish goes quite for a day and releases a video aimed at Anthony Padilla where she is unhappy with his comments on the situation. She goes quiet for a couple more days and then releases two more videos that are aimed at Nin, asking for her to stop emailing her about the videos. I’m not here to tell you that Trisha is faking all this because at the end of the day I have no idea if she being serious.   

So, these where all the things that Trisha Paytas was up to in the four months that you probably forgot that she even existed. I have been watching Trisha since 2007, now this doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m a fan, because I don’t support most of the things that she does on her channel. However, I don’t believe that Trisha is manipulative or evil, she may just be money hungry and ready to jump into some drama to get her name out there for a few weeks. Again, I'm not here to say if Trisha’s actions are excusable, but I’m also not going to act like she hasn’t done things like this in the past. Trish likes to get a rise out of people, and honestly, it's sometimes fun to watch from the sidelines, but the video she made on DID was quite harmful to the community since it gave false information to a large audience. But what do you think? Is Trisha Paytas trying to stir up some drama, or is she genuine in all her actions? I guess we will never know. Perhaps I will end up making another video about Ms. Paytas, but until then, stay safe out their ladies! 


First-year at CWU, originally from Woodland, Washington. Majoring in political science, Evelyn enjoys reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.
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