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9 Things You’ll Learn Your First Year At CWU

As a freshman in college you never know what to expect when going through your first year. There are many ups and downs and you don’t know what to expect from your teachers, roommates, or the upper classmen who just want to bum off your meal plan. Here are a few things that will hopefully help you get through your first year.

1. You Will Never Poop Alone


A coordinated bathroom schedule will be in your future. For most of us, we are not comfortable enough to poop in front of a total stranger. Soon you will learn when your neighbors are in class and when it safe to use the bathroom in a little piece and quiet.

2. There’s No Point in Ever Doing Your Hair

Twenty-five mile per hour winds will ruin any style in its path, so don’t be afraid to put your hair up in a bun for class.

3. There’s no Need for Leg Day at the Gym

Odds are, you live on the 3rd  floor and stairs are your only option, so don’t worry about hitting the stair stepper at the gym.

4. There’s Always Something to Do

People are everywhere and there is always something to preoccupy your time. Also keep that in mind when you’re changing in front of your window.

5. Upper Classmen Don’t Have Any Interest In You

A week in, and you’re already sick of the food. They only have eyes for your meal plan and they will do anything they can to persuade you into handing over your connection card for free lunch.

6. Student Charge is Great

You can spend all you want for two whole weeks at the beginning and end of every quarter is an exciting concept for all freshmen. Until you get your student loans bill at the end of those four years of spending.

7. Find Someone with A Car

Stocking up your mini fridge is a must, but walking a mile with groceries is less than ideal. Find someone who is willing to do weekly grocery store trips so when winter quarter hits, you won’t suffer from frostbite.

8. Get to Know Your Roommate

Having a roommate is great, sharing clothes, walking to class together, and going out on the weekends. Proceed with caution, if you think they’re going through your stuff they probably are, so get a lock.

9. Attendance is No Laughing Matter

If you think professor doesn’t notice if you don’t show up, they for sure won’t care when you’re failing their class.

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