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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CWU chapter.

Every once and awhile we need a little break from the boys, school, and whatever else is happening in our exiting lives, and just kick it back with the gals. It could be a small or big group of girls, whichever one you prefer, but the main point is to get together, relax, get whatever is stressing you off your shoulder and enjoy the night. Here are 7 ways to enhance your ladies’ night.

Wine and Prime


If you are of age, crack open a Barefoot Moscato with the ladies, get out your tablet, and open that amazon app. In the end we need to treat ourselves sometimes so buy that 15-dollar denim jacket that’s been in your cart for the last two weeks.

Put on a classic movie that never gets old

A movie I love to watch with the gals is when Harry Met Sally. That movie is one of my all-time FAVORITE movies to watch with the girls, it literally never gets old. It’s a must girls’ night in movie that must be watched if you haven’t already seen it. 

No make-up, No bra

Take off your make-up, undo that bra and get out the sweatshirts and baggy pants and relax. I don’t know whose favorite part of the day is, but when the comfy clothes are on, the day has immediately gotten 10x better.

Get that Sh*t off your chest

It’s time to get all that stuff you have been bottling up, and just get it out. It might be about your roommate, your professor, school, everything! Just let it out.

Buy all your favorite food

Buy those brownies, go get French fries, milkshakes, whatever pleases you, it’s okay to have something special, or pig out for girl’s night. I mean, who doesn’t feel 100x better when they have a stomach full of pizza and ice cream?

Break out the Pinterest boards, time talk about our bright future goals

We all have our dream homes, weddings, future boss woman motivation on Pinterest. It’s time to motivate our gals, that we can turn our boards into reality. Supporting one another is a necessary, we can all reach our dreams if we have the courage to peruse them.

Broke B*tches Spa

Hurting for some cash? Paint each other nails, break out the face masks! Best kind of night is making your nails all dolled up and soft skin.

Hey HC chapters, do you have any fun tips for a girls night in? Leave us a comment in the box below with all of your fun ideas.

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