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The 5 Types of Intramural Players You Might Come Across

In college, there are many different types of people we come across in our four to six years on campus!  Intramural sports are a great way of getting to know people, and even getting some extra exercise! Most people have played sports before coming to college, intramural sports is your time to shine, and show people how amazing you once were. But we all know there are tons of different stereotypes of players, we thought it would be beneficial to highlight these athletes and let you know in advance what you could be dealing with by playing intarmeral sports at CWU.

1. The Superstar 

There is always going to be one player that is way too good to be playing an intramural sport. There is a number of reasons that player didn't make it playing D1 or even a D2 sport, from injuries, to bad grades, even to losing motivation in a sport they once loved.  The superstar does everything they can to make their team great! They carry the team on thier shoulders and still shows off the skills they never lost. 

2. The No-Show

There is a special place in hell for The No-Show. The No-Show always says they will be there, but you wonder why you have to play down a player. There is a reason you signed up and paid to play an intramural sport. Not showing up to the game isn't just disrespectful to yourself, and the money you paid, but the teammates that take the time out of their week to show up to the game.

3. The Yeller

The Yeller, is not hard to spot. You can hear them from a mile away! The Yeller makes sure to give everyone advice on and off the field, there is never a dull moment with this loud af individual.  On offense, the yeller always expects the ball, and on defense they are yelling at you to guard their player. Constatantly harboring the idea that the team would not be able to do it with out them. In reality, everyone just wants them to stop talking. 

4. The Alcoholic

It is no secret tha many collegiate students have a little bit of a drinking problem. The Intramural alcoholic is definitely not drinking water on the sidelines. The alcoholic got pressured into playing the intramural sport by their buddies. They are running around not having a damn clue what they are doing, not only because they are drunk, but because they don't really care to be there. 

5. The Most Improved

People who played high school sports, know that they had to vote on the most valuable and theMost Improved throughout their season. The most improved was never really ideal. The most improved is the player that does not exactly know what's going on half the time, but will work the hardest out of anyone. They makes sure to be constantly helping the team even if they don't have the skill.  


College is full of hilarious moments when it comes to intermural sports. HC readers! Let us know some of your crazy intermural sport stories in the comment box below!

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