5 Times You'll Need Krazy Glue

Okay, I can't be the only clumsy person who tends to find themselves with a broken necklace and no where to put it and no way to fix it, while out at the bar with my friends. Well, next time you find yourself with a broken pair of sunglasses or a broken heel, pull out the Krazy Glue! By having the single use Krazy Glue in your purse, you are really helping your future self out! Here are 5 times you will wish you had Krazy Glue in your purse. 

Broken heel

We’ve all been there, you are dancing your booty off on the dance floor, you take a step and lean over to the side a little too far and SNAP! No need to fear, if you have a single use super-glue in your purse, just add some glue, let it dry and party on Wayne.


Adjust your belt 

Belt too long? No problem, just cut off the extra section of the belt, add some super glue to the end to cover the end, allow time to dry and you are on your way.


Broken sunglasses

You’re doing homework in the library and you pull off your glasses a little too quickly and CRACK, the arm of your glasses pops off onto the floor. Put some glue on the hinge and allow the arm to dry.


Reseal Converse or Vans 

For those of you who own vans or converse, you know the struggle when the rubber sole starts to pull away from the fabric of the shoe! It lets in water, wind, and the cold winter air! Add some super glue, apply pressure, allow time to dry and you should be good as new!


Repair jewelry

No need to break down in tears when your favorite necklace breaks while you're out at the bars. All you've got to do is add a little super glue to the clasp, allow time to dry and there you go! Good as new.


Hey HC chapters, let us know about any other life hacks you have for Krazy Glue! Leave a comment in the box below.