5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known Freshman Year

During your Freshman year of College, you think you have figured out everything that needs to be known. You just graduated from High School, what is the worst that could happen? You’re starting a whole brand-new life, right? People can tell you their experience of college, but they don’t exactly tell you all the things you absolutely should know going into to your first year. Have no fear, we are here to break down the 5 things you should know freshman year!

DO NOT room with your best friend

When you’re in high school, and you and your best friend commit to the same college, it’s an exciting time! It sounds like the dream, right? Having a sleepover every single night with your bestie, you already know each other well! I’m here to break it to you, that living with your best friend, isn’t a good decision. It is way better, to live with someone you don’t know because that’s someone new you now know on campus, and if you do end up living with your best friend and you can’t agree on something or a fight happens that ends up breaking your friendship, you lose a friend. So, in the end, pick a random roommate, and be optimistic!

Rate My Professor Will Save Your Academic Life

When it’s that time to start a new quarter, rate my professor will seriously make or break your grade! This website is a lifesaver, and I highly suggest it. Always take a peek at that website to make sure you are choosing a great professor! It’s always honest.


I totally wish I had joined clubs my freshman year! It’s such a great way to meet different people, and it could be super fun if you’re super involved in the club you decided to join!

North Campus Café

Alright, Wildcats, I personally never heard of north campus café until someone told me spring quarter, and I think it’s so awesome! You get to use your connection card there as well! It’s always nice to switch things up occasionally from the SURC.

Plan out your schedule accordingly

When you’re making the perfect schedule for your next quarter of classes, make sure that you’re giving yourself enough time to travel to different buildings. I have been there before, where you’re sprinting across campus so you don’t lose attendance points. So save yourself an anxiety attack and make sure you check the locations of all your classes before you set your schedule in stone!