5 Songs for Getting Through a Breakup

Heartbreak, we’ve all been there, and if you haven’t been there, you’re a lucky one, but your time will come. Whether you’re hot off the breakup train, or still struggling with old hurt, I’ve curated five songs from my personal playlist that have helped me though some of the roughest breakups in my life. So, give them a listen, and hopefully, they will help you realize what a bad bitch you have always been as well.  


God Is A Woman – Ariana Grande 

This song is an obvious choice. Screw men, this is the era of the woman now and GOD IS A WOMAN! Grande brings in a mix of classic trap beats and incredible vocal layering to create a choir like sound from just herself. The lyrics will bring you from being sad to bad B in a matter of seconds. Don’t believe me? Take a listen for yourself and I promise by the end, you’ll believe God is a woman. 


F**k Feelings – Olivia O’Brien 

This total bop I discovered semi recently. The “i hate u, I love u” star is way underestimated in the music world, I think. Her music is full of girl power, with just a hint of resentment towards all the men that have done her wrong. For my petty self, this is perfect because I can high key relate to her attitude in the song. As someone who has sworn off feelings herself after a few heartbreaks, she sums up a mood that I think we can all relate to perfectly in a catchy, upbeat way.  


Bitches Broken Hearts – Billie Eillish 

This tune is for more sad boi hours but still relates to the central idea of heartbreak. Eillish never disappoints with her soft vocals and sick beats, and this song is no exception. Perfect for a good cry sesh, or just staring dramatically out the window as we all do sometimes. If you’re going through it, this song is for sure for you.  


Hurts Like Hell – Madison Beer ft. Offset 

Oof, this one hits home. If you’ve ever been cheated on, this song is for you. Beer goes hard when calling out exactly what her ex did, and making sure it’s clear that she does not care if he “hurts like hell”, in fact, she wishes it upon him. I completely agree with the statement as I’ve blasted this song many a time in my car and wish the exact same thing. Remember ladies, I advise you to not literally get revenge, be smart. Instead, simply wish for them to get what they deserve, and hopefully, karma will catch up with them.  


Be Careful – Cardi B 

A hit for sure, Cardi comes at us spitting straight truth. “I could’ve done what you did to me to you a few times” PREACH girl! Props to you if you took the high road and didn’t do whatever scummy thing that your ex did to you, but there is validation, in my opinion, in knowing that you had the chance to do it too, but chose not to because we are nice ladies here. Like I stated before, karma should hopefully catch up to those who wronged you. Cardi phrases it perfectly with the line, “karma for you is gon' be who you end up with”. Bars, Cardi, straight bars.  


Basically, breakups suck, hardcore. But trust me when I say things will get better. This is a temporary sadness and a temporary hurt. Hopefully, these songs can help you as much as they helped me because music has a whole lot of power. Yeah, it might be hard for a while, but just remember that stuff like this takes time to heal from, and no matter how much time it takes, this too, shall pass.