5 Products That Will Get You Through Finals Week

Her Campus CWU wanted to help get everyone through finals week. These five products will help you conquer and be confident in passing your finals this quarter.

Alba Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes

Need a fast fix for those all nighters during finals week, try the Alba Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes to have those bright eyes in the morning.

Mario Badescu Rose Water and Dry Lotion

Try the Mario Badescu rose water facial spray for some extra hydration for dry skin. For those with oily skin try the drying lotion. Before you go to bed just apply it to oily spots or to acne and it will reduce redness and oils. You will wake up looking fresh faced and with less stress acne.

Nyx BB Cream

For a quick fix in the morning, try the Nyx BB cream that will give you that full coverage to get through the studying time in the library or that final test of the quarter.

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

For those late nights and early mornings wash your face with CeraVe to hydrate your face and be ready to conquer your finals.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

With those late night comes no shower. Try some Batiste dry shampoo to have that great hair no matter how many days it has been since you have washed it.

Her Campus CWU wanted to wish everyone good luck on their finals this quarter and we hope that everyone has a fun and safe winter break!