5 Netflix Movies to Watch When You're Stuck Inside Because of the Snow

With winter hitting full force there is not much we can do but sit inside and stay warm as we watch the snow pile up outside of our windows. While the activities you can do inside are limited, getting comfy on the sofa and turning on a movie is never a bad option. Luckily, Netflix offers endless movies to choose from so if you're stuck inside get comfy! Down below you will find five movies to watch on Netflix you shouldn't miss out on!


One of Us

This Documentary runs for one hour and thirty-five minutes. Depicting the lives of three Hasidic Jews that face ostracism during a time of drama and abuse this real-life story shows the anxiety and danger they experience as they attempt to leave their Orthodox community. While heartbreaking, One of Us offers a glimpse inside a community not many understand, and one not many wish to be a part of. If you enjoy real and unique stories this documentary just might be for you.



This Rated R film starring Ellar Coltrane (Mason) runs for two hours and forty-five minutes. The film depicts the life of Mason and his family as he experiences the ups and downs of growing up. Through road trips, graduations and birthday parties this drama takes us on a twelve-year journey of Mason's life. If you like heartfelt coming-of-age films then this one is a must.


The Kindergarten Teacher 

This independent film only runs for an hour and thirty-seven minutes but it does not lack when it comes to feeding you with Drama! Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal (Lisa Spinelli) this rated R film depicts how Lisa becomes obsessed with one of her students. Claiming he is a child prodigy she goes to extreme lengths to protect his talent but does she take it to far? If you are into Psychological Dramas you might want to check this film out.


The Theory of Everything

Starring Eddie Redmayne (Steven Hawking) this two hour and three-minute movie depicts the life of the late Steven Hawking. As Hawking rises to fame in the world of physics his body is overcome by ALS and he is forced to rely heavily upon his wife while he navigates the world in a body that is against him. Redmayne did win an Oscar for his portrayal of Hawking so if you enjoy Biographical films watching this would be a real treat!



Onto a more lighthearted note, this film is one any age could enjoy. Filled with song and dance Coco depicts Miguel's (Anthony Gonzalez) adventure as he explores The Land of the Dead during the Day of the Dead. Running at one hour and forty-nine minutes this Oscar-winning film explores the importance of friends, family, and passion. If you're looking for a lighthearted film this movie should definitely be your first pick!


Now that I've given you five movies to watch it is time to bring out the popcorn, turn on your fireplace and settle down for a few hours. While there are many films, documentaries, and TV shows to watch on Netflix hopefully, these movies were able to give you an idea of how to spend these long winter days. Happy Watching!