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The 5 Guys You’ll Meet on Dating Apps

Hey babes, it’s 2017 and we all know the struggle of online dating is so real. You match on tinder or bumble, talk for five minutes, set up a date, meet for the first time and it’s all over before it even starts. Not to say there isn’t a prince out there in the midst of all of those nasty little Toads! But this cycle is on a chronic repeat for most of us, and we are just so over it.  We here at Her Campus CWU can relate, so we decided to give all of our followers out there a list of the five types of guys you should look out for when you are meeting your matches on dating apps.


1. Mr. Always Right 

Mr. Always Right, usually looks like a God, and makes you want to take him straight home to mom and dad…until he opens his mouth. This is the guy that you can barely stand to have a convo with because when you do finally get a word in; he is so argumentative, and rude. He isn’t nice to the waiter at dinner, and he probably doesn’t hold the door for you either. Trust us, Mr. Always Right is sooo wrong. 


2. The Catfish 

This is the guy that you continually stalk on Instagram. You have shown his pictures to every one of your friends, and let’s be honest probably your favorite barista as well. You’re convinced he is perfect until you meet up, and realize he totally snagged someone else’s photos off the Internet, and everything he was saying to you over those Instagram DMs was a lie. This is the ultimate bummer; and also did he really think this wasn’t going to be weird when you finally met up, and realized he was nothing like he pretended to be?  Ugh. 


 3. The Stage 5 Clinger 

This guy is practically calling you his girlfriend after the first time 20 minutes . He is already telling his mom about you. He will constantly ask if you really like him, because he can’t believe a girl like you likes a guy like him. And he will keep reminding you of how much he likes you.. (incase you forgot in the last 10 minutes). If you find yourself in the position where you’re on a date with a clinger, trust us, you will know. Run honey. 


4. The Eager Beaver 

Okay, We have all been on a date with that guy who is clearly there for one reason, and one reason only (to get it on)!  He is the guy our moms warned us about, and our dads wanted to keep us as far away from as possible. Don’t ever give into the pressure of an eager beaver: if you aren’t feelin it. Don’t do it. Ditch that little beaver and send him back to the dam!! 

Your body, your voice, your choice!! 


5. The Unimpressed 

This guy is one that doesn’t laugh at your jokes, doesn’t ask about your hobbies, family, or job. And honestly just doesn’t seem to be happy to be on this date with at all. He will have you wondering if you did something wrong, if your outfit is off, if something’s in your teeth, or if you’re just a boring person to be on a date with. The answer to any of those questions you might ask yourself is no. There’s nothing wrong with you, you just swiped right when you should have swiped left. 


It’s a rough scene out there babies. Just remember to guard your heart, and stand strong in your morals and values! Keep in mind what you deserve, and never compromise that. You are worth more than Gold! Find someone that treats you just so!! 


Good Luck out there, And may the odds be ever in your favor.



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